Get Your Free 4-Star Hero in Honkai: Star Rail Update 2.3

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The latest leak for Honkai: Star Rail hints at a new four-star character selector in version 2.3, offering players the choice between gallagher, hanya, luka, and arlan to enhance their teams. This selector is expected to be accessible through an i

In the latest leak for Honkai: Star Rail , it has been hinted that a new four-star character selector will be introduced in the upcoming version 2.3 release. This selector is expected to offer players the choice between gallagher, hanya, luka, and arlan to enhance their teams. It is anticipated that this selector will be accessible through an in-game event during the first phase of the version 2.3 update.

Previously, Honkai: Star Rail has incorporated character selectors in earlier versions, allowing players to acquire a free copy of a four-star unit and diversify their teams. These selectors showcased a variety of characters with unique skills, including yukong, gallagher, sampo, and guinaifen, and were exclusively available to players who completed specific in-game events within a designated timeframe.

Furthermore, the upcoming version 2.3 of Honkai: Star Rail is set to introduce jade and firefly, two five-star units. Firefly is expected to make her playable debut in the initial phase of the update, while jade will become obtainable in the subsequent phase. As per the schedule, players can anticipate the new version to be released in early June.

This new four-star character selector is poised to provide players with the opportunity to unlock characters' eidolons without having to expend their rail passes on banners, adding a strategic element to team building and progression within the game.

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