New 4-Star Light Cone for Honkai: Star Rail Erudition DPS Revealed

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The recent leak in Honkai: Star Rail unveils a new four-star light cone for erudition characters, offering a compelling option for these units known for their AOE damage. This makes them valuable DPS assets, particularly in endgame modes like Pure Fi.

The recent leak in Honkai: Star Rail has unveiled a new four-star light cone, presenting an enticing option for erudition units. These erudition characters are known for their exceptional ability to inflict area of effect (AOE) damage, making them valuable assets in the role of DPS within their teams, particularly in endgame modes like Pure Fiction and Memory of Chaos.

In the upcoming version 2.3 of Honkai: Star Rail , players can anticipate the introduction of a new character named Jade, who aligns with the erudition archetype. Jade, a confirmed five-star female combatant with quantum as her element, is shrouded in mystery with limited details available about her backstory and skill set. However, according to Hoyoverse, Jade is affiliated with the Strategic Investment Department alongside Aventurine and Topaz. Players can look forward to her debut banner in the second phase of version 2.3, scheduled for release this summer.

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