Buzz: Mastering the Agile Brawler in the Metagame

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Buzz is a popular brawler known for his agility, impactful plays, and rapid cycling of hypercharge and reliable stun. Despite his competitive advantage in various matchups, he is susceptible to being outmaneuvered by specific counters.

Buzz: The Vigilant Brawler

Buzz is a highly regarded brawler within the meta due to his agility and ability to make impactful plays. His rapid cycling of the hypercharge and reliable stun provide him with a competitive advantage in various matchups, although he remains susceptible to being outmaneuvered by specific counters.

When it comes to constructing the most effective build for Buzz, players should consider the following key points:

  • Prioritize enhancing Buzz's quick-moving and play-making abilities to maximize his impact in battles.
  • Focus on leveraging his hypercharge cycling and stun to maintain control and influence engagements.
  • Look to mitigate his vulnerability to being outmaneuvered by strategically selecting and utilizing his enhancements and star powers.

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In the world of Brawl Stars, there are a multitude of brawlers, each with their own unique characteristics and abilities. From fierce warriors to cunning assassins, the brawler tier list encompasses a diverse range of characters.

One such character is Buzz, a mythical assassin who made his debut on June 16, 2021. Described as a lifeguard at the Velocirapids water park, Buzz takes his role seriously and is known to enforce the rules with unwavering dedication. His authoritative demeanor is evident as he wields his power with precision.

Buzz possesses a formidable attack known as "Buzz Off," which serves as a testament to his prowess in combat. This ability allows him to fend off adversaries with remarkable skill and agility, making him a force to be reckoned with in the arena.

Buzz, the vigilant lifeguard, uses his whistle to alert and protect those in need, emitting a sharp sound that echoes across the surroundings.He possesses remarkable abilities that make him a formidable force in safeguarding the area.

Details about his capabilities and strengths will be disclosed soon.

Damage Stats:- Level 1: 420- Level 2: 462- Level 3: 504- Level 4: 546- Level 5: 588- Level 6: 630- Level 7: 672- Level 8: 714- Level 9: 756- Level 10: 798- Level 11: 840

Other Stats:- Range: 3 (short)- Reload Time: 1 second (very fast)- Super Charge per Hit: 10.08%- Projectile Speed: 4000- Projectiles per Attack: 5

Super Ability:Buzz's super ability is called "Torpedo Throw," unleashing his extraordinary power to further aid those in need.

Buzz is a formidable brawler who can strategically use his torpedo buoy to stun opponents and navigate the battlefield with agility.

  • Buzz deploys his torpedo buoy, which upon impact with an opponent or a wall, allows him to swiftly move to the location, stunning nearby adversaries upon arrival. The duration of the stun effect increases with the distance traveled.

  • Stats:

  • Range: 10 (long)
  • Projectile Speed: 3500
  • Super Width: 1

For the best Buzz build, consider equipping the optimal gadget to maximize his effectiveness in combat.

  • Gadget:
  • Reserve Buoy: This gadget enhances Buzz's tactical options, providing him with additional strategic advantages during battles.

Stay tuned for more detailed information on Buzz's capabilities and gameplay strategies.

While the reserve buoy instantly charges the super meter, it does not stun opponents with the next torpedo throw.

  • Reserve Buoy is highly recommended for Buzz as it provides an immediate super charge, allowing for strategic flexibility without stunning enemies. It is particularly effective in critical moments and when launching unexpected attacks.

  • The Reserve Buoy gadget is a game-changer for Buzz, offering versatility and a tactical advantage in crucial situations.

  • The X-ray Shades is another gadget to consider for Buzz.

Buzz possesses the ability to peer into all nearby bushes within his super charging area for a duration of 12 seconds. When equipped with the "X-Ray Shades," Buzz gains enhanced visibility and tactical advantages on grassy maps as it unveils concealed enemies. This often overlooked asset has the potential to shift the dynamics of the battlefield in your favor, particularly when paired with his "Eyes Sharp" star power. This combination extends the range of his vision and fosters improved team coordination in densely vegetated areas.

When considering the best star power for Buzz, "Tougher Torpedo" emerges as a formidable choice.

Enhanced Buzz: Immobilization Master

Buzz's super stun duration has been extended by an additional 0.5 seconds, making it more effective in immobilizing opponents.

  • This enhancement to Buzz's super ability has significantly improved his crowd control capabilities, giving players an edge in battles.
  • The extended stun duration adds a new layer of strategy to Buzz's gameplay, allowing players to capitalize on the immobilization to secure crucial objectives or take down opponents.

Stay tuned for more updates on Buzz's enhanced abilities and how it impacts the game dynamics.

Star Power: Eyes Sharp

  • With the "Eyes Sharp" star power, Buzz gains a heightened sense of awareness, enabling him to detect and react to incoming threats more effectively.

Buzz's super charging area has been augmented by a remarkable 33%, providing him with an expanded range to unleash his powerful attacks.

Eyes Sharp stands out as a compelling choice for Buzz enthusiasts, offering a substantial extension of his super charging area. This heightened visibility proves to be invaluable on grassy terrains, enabling Buzz to effortlessly detect and approach adversaries. Such strategic superiority not only facilitates reconnaissance but also aids in devising tactical maneuvers, ensuring Buzz maintains his imposing presence on the battlefield. The enlarged radius not only covers more ground, making it arduous for foes to conceal themselves, but also facilitates quicker super charging, empowering Buzz to unleash devastating assaults.

When it comes to the best gear for Buzz, equipping him with damage-enhancing gear is essential for maximizing his combat prowess.

When your brawler's health falls below 50%, they can deal an additional 15% damage, making them more potent in critical situations. It is advisable to equip them with damage and shield gears to enhance their performance. The damage gear amplifies their already formidable damage output, ensuring they can deliver more powerful attacks when it matters most. Additionally, the shield gear provides an extra layer of protection, making the brawler more resilient in combat.

Receive a bonus of 900 health in the form of a consumable shield, which replenishes in 10 seconds when your health is at its maximum.

Enhance your survivability on the battlefield with the shield gear , which adds an extra layer of protection through a regenerating shield. This ensures that you can withstand more damage while engaging enemies at close range.

Equip this gear to become a more resilient combatant, allowing you to endure prolonged battles and fully utilize your close-quarters combat skills.

Gear up with the necessary equipment to enhance your speed and agility, providing you with a competitive edge in fast-paced combat situations.

Moving through bushes provides a significant advantage of gaining a 15% speed increase. This boost can be particularly beneficial when navigating bushy maps or playing in ranked mode with the "super bushy" modifier. It proves to be invaluable for close-range assassins, exemplified by the character Buzz. His hypercharge ability, known as Buzzwatch, benefits greatly from this speed increase.

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