Genshin Impact 4.6: Ultimate Windtrace Event Guide

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The Windtrace Seekers and Strategy event in Genshin Impact 4.6 has returned with new features and gameplay. This hide-and-seek event involves a group of four players in a co-op session, with one player as the hunter and the other three as rebels. Check out the comprehensive event guide for

The Windtrace Seekers and Strategy event has returned in Genshin Impact 4.6, introducing exciting new features and gameplay mechanics. This popular hide-and-seek event allows a group of four players to engage in a co-op session, with one player designated as the hunter and the remaining three as rebels. Here's a comprehensive guide to the event, featuring valuable tips and strategies for achieving victory.

Event Schedule and Details:- The Windtrace event is set to take place from May 14, 2024, to May 27, 2024.- Participation in the event requires players to have reached adventure rank 20 or above.- Players can look forward to a range of rewards, including primogems, mora, hero's wit, mystic enhancement ore, and talent level-up materials.

Tips for Playing as a Rebel:- Prioritize agility, cunning, and teamwork as a rebel to secure victory.- Select characters with reduced stamina consumption while sprinting or climbing, such as Kaeya, Razor, or Xiao, to facilitate swift escapes and quick access to hiding spots.- Leverage the windward arts during the event, as they replace your combat abilities. Opt for transparency over concealing beacon, as it provides greater value. Utilize smaller disguises and seek out hidden corners for effective cover.

Genesis Crystal: Usage and Acquisition

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