4.7 Genshin Impact Guide: Washer Octopus Puzzle Locations

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The Washer Octopus puzzles are a new challenge introduced in the Sea of Bygone Eras region in Genshin Impact version 4.6. They provide players with exploration and problem-solving opportunities, offering valuable treasures and hidden chests upon completion.


Washer Octopus puzzles are an intriguing set of challenges introduced in the Sea of Bygone Eras region as part of the latest 4.7 update in Genshin Impact. These puzzles add an element of exploration and problem-solving for players, rewarding them with valuable treasures and hidden chests upon successful completion.

To embark on these puzzling adventures, players must locate and interact with the Washer Octopuses scattered across the region. These unique creatures hold the key to unlocking a variety of puzzles, each leading to different rewards and surprises.

Finding these elusive creatures can be an adventure in itself. With a total of 16 Washer Octopuses hidden throughout the Sea of Bygone Eras, players are encouraged to first unlock all teleport waypoints in the area to ease their navigation. Some of these cleverly disguised creatures can be found near Echoing Conches and Precious Chests, making their discovery a rewarding experience.

Here's a glimpse of what to expect at a couple of the locations:

  1. Northeast of Initium Iani: Teleport to the northern waypoint of Initium Iani and venture northeast. Here, players will encounter three Washer Octopuses near an Echoing Conch and a Precious Chest adorned with flowers. Interacting with these creatures will set off a chain of events, ultimately unlocking the concealed chest.

  2. Near the Orange Sea Shell: A waypoint will serve as the starting point for players as they head northwest in search of a Washer Octopus lingering near a captivating shell. Upon discovering this cleverly hidden creature, players will be faced with a time trial challenge concealed within the shell, promising an exquisite chest upon successful completion.1. Head north from the previous location to find a washer octopus near a rock surrounded by enemy fishes. Defeat the nearby enemies and interact with the octopus to receive an exquisite chest.

  3. Teleport to the Hortus Euergetis waypoint and head southeast to discover a locked washer octopus on top of a coral reef. Free the octopus to unlock an exquisite chest.

  4. In the southeast part of Initium Iani, interact with a washer octopus near the cave entrance, close to a collapsible rock, to unlock an exquisite chest.

  5. Travel to the north of Alta Semita and engage in a game of red light, green light with two washer octopuses to obtain two exquisite chests.

  6. In Collegium Phonascorum, defeat the surrounding enemies to unlock an exquisite chest located on top of a coral reef.

  7. Northwest of Collegium Phonascorum, interact with two washer octopuses near the auric anglerfishes to unlock two exquisite chests and a luxurious chest.

  8. Near Clivus Capitolinus, interact with a washer octopus to unlock two exquisite chests and a luxurious chest.

  9. North of Clivus Capitolinus, stop the octopus at the right places to activate all the flowers and unlock an exquisite chest.1. Washer Octopus Puzzle Locations and Solutions:

  10. Sea Cave Entrance: To the southwest of Nausicaa's seashore, interact with the washer octopus near the sea cave entrance to unlock an exquisite chest.

  11. Among the Sea Anemones: Teleport to the waypoint near Nausicaa's seashore and head northwest to find two washer octopuses. Guide them to the sea anemones to unlock two exquisite chests.

  12. Underwater Ruins: In the northwest part of Nausicaa's seashore, interact with a washer octopus near the ruins to unlock an exquisite chest.

  13. Near the Crystal Formation: In the southeastern part of Nausicaa's seashore, interact with a washer octopus to unlock an exquisite chest.

  14. Amidst the Kelp Forest: In the southwest part of Nausicaa's seashore, interact with a washer octopus to unlock an exquisite chest.

  15. Among the Sunken Shipwrecks: In the northeast part of Nausicaa's seashore, interact with a washer octopus to unlock an exquisite chest.

  16. Strategies for Solving Washer Octopus Puzzles:

  17. Each washer octopus puzzle is unique and requires different strategies to solve. Some may involve guiding the washer octopus to specific locations, while others may require defeating nearby enemies or completing time trial challenges.

  18. Pay close attention to the surroundings and follow any clues provided to solve each puzzle effectively.

  19. Tips for Completing Washer Octopus Puzzles:

  20. Keep an eye out for environmental cues that may help in solving the puzzles.

  21. Coordinate with other players if possible to efficiently solve the puzzles and unlock the chests.

  22. Utilize character abilities and elemental interactions to aid in solving the washer octopus puzzles.

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