Copa America Joins FC 24 Ultimate Team: Exclusive Leak Details

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Excitement is building in the FC 24 Ultimate Team community as news of the Copa America joining the gaming platform spreads. Renowned insiders have disclosed that Electronic Arts is set to honor the tournament with special Squad Building Challenges and Objectives. Additionally, there are h


Excitement is building within the FC 24 Ultimate Team community as whispers of the Copa America joining the gaming platform along with Euro 2024 have started to circulate, thanks to insights from various leakers.

We're here to delve into all the details currently available regarding the speculated promotional event. We'll explore the anticipated content, focusing on the variety of packs expected to arrive in this beloved game mode. Join us as we unpack what's in store for FC 24 Ultimate Team players!

Leak Sources and Content

Renowned insiders within the FIFA gaming community, including @FutSheriff, @DonkTrading, and @AsyFutTrader, have disclosed that Electronic Arts is set to honor the Copa America tournament in the upcoming FC 24 Ultimate Team edition.

Fans of the game can anticipate special Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) and Objectives that will align with the theme of the tournament. Additionally, it's been hinted that players will have the chance to obtain exclusive 81+ x5 and 83+ x5 player packs, featuring athletes from nations participating in the Copa America.

Euro 2024 and Copa America Schedule

Fresh details have emerged from sources known for their accurate leaks, revealing that EA Sports is gearing up to feature a blend of content from two major football tournaments in their Ultimate Team mode.

The latest leaks include official card designs for Euro 2024, hinting at special in-game events tied to the tournament.

Euro 2024 is set to commence on June 14, closely followed by the Copa America, which will start on June 20. This timing suggests that EA Sports may intertwine content from both events, providing a rich experience for football enthusiasts.

It is anticipated that Euro 2024 content will be the first to hit the game, given its earlier start date, with Copa America items likely to follow shortly after. However, this remains speculative at this stage.

Upcoming Game Updates

Excitement is building as FC 24 players can anticipate an in-game update tied to Euro 2024. Although specifics are scarce, it's confirmed that this update will soon enhance the gaming experience.

The specifics of the forthcoming update are still under wraps, but there's speculation that it might introduce a game mode for Euro 2024 akin to FIFA 23's World Cup feature. However, there has yet to be any hint that the Copa America will receive a similar treatment.

Stay Tuned for Updates

Stay tuned to this space for the latest updates on the Copa America promotion. We'll be refreshing this page with new information as it comes in, so make sure to check back for any additional insights.

Community Engagement

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