Ultimate Guide to FC 24 TOTS Glow Up Evolution Success

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The Team of the Season event has introduced the Ultimate TOTS Glow Up Evolution, allowing players to upgrade silver cards by +25 OVRs. The guide outlines player requirements, top picks for evolution, challenges, and rewards. Notable players include Hakon Arnar Haraldsson, Andrey Santos, an



The climactic phase of the Team of the Season event is underway, marking the arrival of the much-anticipated Ultimate TOTS. With the event in progress, players now have the chance to find more than 30 formidable players in packs.

Adding to the excitement, EA has introduced fresh content, featuring an Evolution that lets players significantly enhance a silver card by an impressive +25 OVRs. The Ultimate TOTS Glow Up Evolution is quite the spectacle, and we're here to provide you with a comprehensive walkthrough on how to complete this transformation.

In a thrilling update, EA has introduced a new Evolution to FC 24, presenting players with the opportunity to upgrade a card at no cost.

Ultimate TOTS Glow Up Evolution Overview

The concept of Evolutions has resonated positively within the FC 24 gaming community, offering a fresh layer of customization since its introduction at the game's inception. The result is a diverse array of Ultimate Teams, each reflecting the individual choices of gamers in terms of player development.

In this guide, we will delve into the prerequisites for player evolution, highlight three standout players that are prime candidates for evolution, and outline the specific challenges to tackle. Additionally, we'll detail the rewards that players can anticipate upon the successful completion of these evolution milestones.

Player Requirements for Evolution

Diving into the specifics of the Ultimate TOTS Glow Up Evolution in FC 24, it's important to select a player that aligns with the criteria set by EA. Not every player is eligible for this evolution, so careful selection is key.

Once you commit to a player, remember that the choice is final. You won't have the opportunity to swap them out later, so choose a player that you believe has the potential to rise to greatness, whether it be a personal favorite or a hidden gem.

To qualify for the Ultimate TOTS Glow Up Evolution, your chosen player must meet the following criteria:

  • The player's overall rating should not exceed 70.
  • Their pace attribute should be 78 or below.
  • Dribbling skills must be at a maximum of 74.
  • Physicality is capped at a maximum of 74.
  • The player can have up to 7 PlayStyles.
  • The player cannot have any enhanced PlayStyles, marked as PlayStyles+.

Top Player Picks for Evolution


Embark on a transformative journey with your squad by considering these three standout players for the Ultimate TOTS Glow Up Evolution. Each player is poised to make a significant impact on your team's performance.

Firstly, we spotlight Icelandic powerhouse Hakon Arnar Haraldsson. With his Evolution, Haraldsson ascends to a 95 OVR, boasting a remarkable array of stats. He accelerates with 96 pace, delivers with 90 shooting, and orchestrates the play with 87 passing. His 99 dribbling is mesmerizing, complemented by a solid 78 defending and a robust 93 physicality. Versatile in attack, Haraldsson can dominate as a striker or on the right wing.

Next, we turn our attention to the dynamic Brazilian midfielder Andrey Santos. Available in two club variants, his Nottingham Forest version is a rare find, yet both cards shine post-Evolution, reaching a 95 OVR. Santos impresses with 95 pace, 81 shooting, and 86 passing. His 98 dribbling is a testament to his agility, while his 83 defending and 92 physical make him an exceptional choice for the central midfield role.

Completing our selections is the Dutch maestro, Jonathan de Guzman. A familiar name to Premier League enthusiasts, de Guzman's Evolution boosts him to a 94 OVR. His enhanced abilities include 85 pace, a thunderous 96 shooting, and a precise 92 passing. With 98 dribbling, he can weave through defenses, and his 77 defending and 86 physical ensure he remains a formidable presence in the midfield.

These Evolution options are sure to elevate your Ultimate Team experience, providing a blend of skill, power, and nostalgia.

Challenges and Rewards

Having selected the player you wish to develop, let's delve into the tasks required to boost their overall rating by a substantial 25 points.

Embark on the Ultimate TOTS Glow Up Evolution journey:

Initial Evolution Objectives:

  • Participate in 5 matches within Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions at a minimum difficulty of Semi-Pro, ensuring your chosen Evolution (EVO) player is actively competing.

  • Secure victories in 3 matches across Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions, once again at Semi-Pro difficulty or higher, with your EVO player on the field.

Rewards for Initial Progression:

  • Speed attributes receive a +12 enhancement.

  • Shooting skills are amplified with a +15 increase.

  • Dribbling abilities are significantly boosted by +20.

  • Physical attributes are strengthened by +12.

  • The player's PlayStyle is upgraded to 'Rapid'.


Advancing to Level 2 Tasks:

  • Participate in a trio of matches within the Rivals or Champions arena, ensuring your evolving (EVO) player is part of the in-game action.

  • Secure victories in four encounters across Squad Battles or the Rivals/Champions stages, with a minimum difficulty setting of Semi-Pro, and your evolving (EVO) player taking an active role on the pitch.

Level 2 Enhancements:

  • Augment your player's Passing prowess by a significant 15 points.

  • Enhance your player's Dribbling skill with an additional 5 points.

  • Bolster your player's Defensive capabilities by 8 points.

  • Upgrade your player's Skill Moves by 1 star, adding a new dimension to their play.

  • Adapt your player's PlayStyle to include the Intercept trait, refining their ability to regain possession.


Tier 3 Objectives:

  • Participate in three matches within the Rivals or Champions mode featuring your EVO player in the active lineup.

  • Achieve victory in four matches across Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions, with a minimum difficulty of Semi-Pro, ensuring your EVO player is part of the game.

Tier 3 Bonuses:

  • Speed Boost: Increase of +8

  • Enhanced Playmaking: Boost in Passing by +5

  • Improved Defense: Gain an additional +12 in Defending

  • Tactical Upgrade: Gain the 'Incisive Pass' PlayStyle

  • Advanced Skill Enhancement: Unlock the 'First Touch' PlayStyle+


Tier 4 Objectives:

  • Participate in 4 matches within the Rivals or Champions modes, ensuring your evolving EVO player is part of the action.

  • Secure victory in 4 Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions games with a minimum margin of 2 goals, playing at Semi-Pro difficulty or higher with your evolving EVO player.

  • Achieve 5 goals with your evolving EVO player in matches across Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions, starting at Semi-Pro difficulty.

Tier 4 Bonuses:

  • Enhance Shooting abilities with a +10 boost.

  • Increase Physical attributes by +12.

  • Upgrade Weak Foot capabilities by 1 star.

  • Improve Skill Moves by adding 1 star.

  • Adopt the Tiki Taka PlayStyle for more intricate passing.

  • Gain the Press Proven PlayStyle+ for enhanced defensive pressure.



Upon successfully tackling each task associated with this Evolution, your player's overall rating will experience a substantial boost, soaring by +25 OVR.

Are you planning to undertake this Evolution journey? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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