Score Big with FIFA 24's Marco Reus SBC: Guide & Rewards

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The article introduces the End of an Era Reus Squad Building Challenge (SBC) in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team. It delves into Reus' final ratings and stats and offers efficient ways to complete the SBC. It outlines the SBC requirements, rewards, and team composition for different rating thre


Electronic Arts has introduced the End of an Era Reus Squad Building Challenge (SBC) in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team to mark Marco Reus' departure from Borussia Dortmund.

We will delve into Reus' final official ratings and stats and explore the most efficient ways to complete his SBC so you can seamlessly add this talented attacking midfielder to your lineup!

Overview of Marco Reus' End of an Era SBC

EA Sports has launched a pair of Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) to celebrate the achievements of two football stars. While one SBC pays tribute to Nacho Fernández's UEFA Champions League triumphs with Real Madrid, this guide focuses on the SBC dedicated to the illustrious career of German footballer Marco Reus. Here's how you can secure his highly-rated in-game card:

  • Marco Reus has been a stalwart at Borussia Dortmund, racking up over 420 appearances before his era at the club came to an end.
  • Players can add an impressive 96-rated Marco Reus card to their FIFA Ultimate Team by completing a series of seven SBCs.
  • The card features stellar stats, including 93 Pace, 96 Shooting, 96 Passing, 97 Dribbling, and 86 Physical, making Reus a formidable force on the virtual pitch.
  • Reus is also equipped with Five-Star Skill Moves and a Four-Star Weak Foot, enhancing his versatility and effectiveness in various in-game situations.
  • To further augment his gameplay, Reus comes with three special PlayStyles+: Finesse Shot, Technical, and Trivela, each adding a unique dimension to his playing style.

SBC Requirements and Rewards

For those looking to complete the FC 24 End of an Era Reus SBC, here are the necessary criteria:

  • Ensure that your squad includes at least one player from the Bundesliga.
  • Your team's overall rating should be at least 87.

For those looking to tackle the FC 24 End of an Era Reus Squad Building Challenge, here's what you need to know to successfully complete the task and earn your rewards:

  • The prize for completing the challenge is a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, a valuable asset for any FIFA player's collection.

To meet the challenge requirements, participants must:

  • Ensure that at least one player in the squad hails from Germany.

  • Assemble a team with a minimum overall rating of 88.

When constructing your squad:

  • Carefully select players to fulfill the nationality and team rating criteria while considering chemistry and position needs to create a balanced and effective team.


  • Receive a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack upon completion.


  • Include at least one Team of the Season (TOTS) or Team of the Week (TOTW) player in your squad.
  • The overall team rating should be at least 88.

Team Composition:

  • Assemble a squad that meets the above requirements to successfully complete the SBC.

Rewards:- Receive a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack upon completion.

Criteria:- The team must have a minimum rating of 89.

Team Composition:- Assemble a squad meeting the specified rating requirement.

Rewards:- Receive a Prime Electrum Players Pack

Criteria:- Your team must have a minimum rating of 90

Team Composition Requirements:

Rewards:- Receive a Prime Electrum Players Pack for completion.

Criteria:- Assemble a team with a minimum overall rating of 91.

Team Composition:- Create a squad that meets the specified rating threshold.


  • Exclusive Rare Electrum Players Pack

Total Cost and Conclusion

Upon successful submission of the required teams, you'll unlock the chance to add the End of an Era Marco Reus card to your Ultimate Team, along with seven reward packs. The estimated cost for completing this Squad Building Challenge (SBC) is around 811K coins.

What are your plans regarding this SBC? Feel free to discuss your opinions in the comments!

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