Do's & Don'ts After Hair Transplant Surgery

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Now one can end their struggles of hair loss and baldness with SB Trichology clinic, a leading clinic for Hair Transplant in Gurgaon.

Now one can end their struggles of hair loss and baldness with SB Trichology clinic, a leading clinic for Hair Transplant in Gurgaon.

SB Trichology undoubtedly offers the best hair transplant and provides its patients a perfect reliable solution.  It also helps people get back their lost confidence with the latest advanced techniques used by the experts. At this clinic, the hair transplant experts offer top-notch hair restoration services, all customized as per person to person.

Dr. Shilpi Bhadani at SB Trichology is a prominent hair transplant surgeon, who brings along her extensive knowledge by making sure that each patient receives the best possible care.

Making SB Trichology the leading one-stop solution for its patients suffering with the concerns of hair fall or thinning hair, she has made this clinic fully equipped with the latest advancements. Hence that is why it is referred to as the best hair transplant clinic.

In this clinic setup, Dr. Shilpi Bhadani ensures her patients undergoing hair transplants have the best possible outcome and the most natural-looking too.

So here are some key points of what one should do and what one should refrain from during their recovery.

Do's After Hair Transplant:

1. Keep the Area Clean: Gently wash the scalp with the recommended shampoo by the doctor.

2. Follow Medication Instructions: Take medicines prescribed by the doctor, that may include pain relievers and antibiotics. These help in managing pain and prevent infection.

3. Stay Hydrated and Eat Well: Consume plenty of water and eat a nutritional diet enriched with vitamins and proteins to promote healing and boost hair growth.

4. Schedule Follow-up Appointments: Schedule the follow-up appointment sessions at SB Trichology to keep a record of the status of the progress and address any concerns promptly, if any.

Don'ts After Hair Transplant:

1. Avoid Strenuous Activities: Refrain from doing heavy lifting, rigorous exercises, or any activity that may cause sweating for a minimum of two weeks. Sweat can irritate the scalp and increase the risk of infection.

2. Steer Clear of Direct Sunlight: Keep the scalp out of direct sunlight for the initial few weeks. UV rays can cause harm to the sensitive, healing tissues.

3. Say No to Alcohol and Smoking: Both can impede the recovery period and affect blood flow to the scalp, potentially harming the new grafts.

4. Avoid Hair Treatments: Stay away from hair dyes, chemical treatments, and styling products until the hair expert gives the green light to go ahead with.

Choosing SB Trichology means choosing a clinic that blends medical wisdom with genuine care for a patient’s well-being.

So if someone is thinking of a hair transplant, schedule a consultation with Dr. Shilpi Bhadani at SB Trichology, a leading Hair Transplant Clinic in Gurgaon.