Best Digital Marketing Tools & Platforms To Starting A Business In 2024

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Recent years have seen a major shift in marketing and using linked devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even the Internet of things, digital marketing focuses on online media and the Internet.  A plethora of digital marketing tools have been created to help firms and marketers establish their online presence and communicate with consumers. Global spending on digital advertising is expected to hit 5.66 billion in 2024 according to reports. Analyzing the market trends, let's have a deep look at the best digital marketing tools and platforms to use in 2024 in detail.

Social Media Marketing Tools to Lay Your Brand Success

Brandwatch Social media management

Brandwatch is a platform that is utilized for various marketing purposes like social media listening, publishing, advertising, and data management. In a similar vein, Brandwatch offers a single inbox that you can customize to bring together feeds from YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You may build your own dashboard to monitor the parameters that are most important to you. 


Buffer is a social media scheduling and publishing application compatible with various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, X , and Pinterest. Being an excellent choice for advertising, Businesses can make use of it as they inherit free plans. With this program, people may schedule social media posts simply without needing more sophisticated analytics.

Sprout Social

One more strong competitor in the field of social media analytics tools is Sprout Social, which you might want to give some thought to. With scheduling and analytics available for all of the main social media networks, Sprout can assist you in organizing and implementing your social media strategy. Numerous capabilities, including cross-platform scheduling, sophisticated analytics, link tracking, team collaboration, and social listening.


Another comprehensive tool for social media scheduling is Later. Although it was first designed exclusively for Instagram and continues to prioritize features specific to that platform above those for other networks, it is compatible with many platforms. Later features that are useful are AI caption authoring, a brandable link in the bio page, and cross-platform scheduling.


All the accolades in the world go to Hootsuite.In order to help you achieve your goals for brand exposure or engagement, Hootsuite analyzes your audience and suggests the optimum times to post on social media. This is tailored to your target market, not industry standards. Using Hootsuite expedites and simplifies all of your social media tasks. Considered to be the hubspot for social media marketing, its inclusion of services will be on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and so on.


A social media calendar tool called Loomly integrates easily with a number of networking sites.You may generate your posts and complete the following workflow phases with ease using Loomly's simple approach.

Best SEO Tools for Digital Marketing to make your visibility wider


While it still excels at this, Semrush has expanded to offer more competitive analysis, PPC campaign monitoring, and website SEO audit functions. This tool helps in identifying the keywords and allowing you to refine your own approach and also enhancing the performance of ranking. Also, improve your advertising efforts to gain a unique identity in the markets.


One of the most popular tools for SEO and keyword research is Ahrefs.A keyword generator, a backlink checker, an SEO toolbar, a SERP checker, and AI writing tools are just a few of the many free SEO tools it offers. Thousands of organizations utilize its all-in-one SEO toolkit to analyze and optimize their websites.


Use SurferSEO on articles to obtain performance estimates for on-page SEO, taking into account keyword performance. Excellent last-minute content optimization, or create SEO-optimized summaries. While SurferSEO integrates your overall keyword strategy into individual content pieces, the other SEO digital marketing tools discussed above concentrate on your overall keyword approach.

Google Keyword Planner

Finding keyword suggestions for organic or sponsored campaigns might be facilitated by utilizing Google's Keyword Planner.You can get basic information about a keyword's popularity, level of competition, and performance.


Crawling will be the main amenity of Screaming Frog helping to access the website for the highest output. Analyzing broken pages, improper redirects, and broken links will all benefit greatly from this.

SE Ranking

You can simply track the effectiveness of your targeted keywords with its keyword tracking function and adjust your website's optimization accordingly. SE Ranking has site auditing features that assist you in locating any technical problems that might be impairing the functionality of your website so you can address them right away. 

MoZ Pro

Marketing professionals may enhance their search engine exposure and generate organic traffic by utilizing the set of tools provided by Moz Pro.

Digital Marketing Analytics Tools that play a predominant role

Google Analytics

To supplement Google Analytics, which provides comprehensive information on website traffic, larger businesses or those with particular expansion objectives want to make an investment in extra analytics solutions.

Hootsuite Analytics 

To save a ton of time, Hootsuite Analytics tracks the success of all your social channels in one location. In order to fully understand how your social media presence affects your business, you may also combine tracking the return on investment of paid and organic initiatives.


Analytical support will be the main integral perspective of Kissmetrics. You can convert prospects into sales more quickly by doing this. Examination of the sales funnel will make it easier for you to fine-tune the entire process by providing you with a clear vision of how your visitors navigate through it.

Affiliate Marketing Tools


One of the most effective affiliate marketing tools is Viglink. Real-time content delivery is ensured, with links inserted according to the relevancy of the found keywords and ensuring maximum business success.


Similar to a website auction, this technology assists marketers in purchasing websites with a big volume of backlinks so that their website would have a high search engine ranking when it is launched. Therefore aiding in affiliate marketing.

Email Marketing Tools to make your Vision true


An essential tool for companies of all sizes is MailChimp which helps Enterprises to generate huge revenues with sophisticated email campaigns.Even for novice users, email automations are simple to utilize, and experienced users may still harness their full potential.

Hubspot Template Builder

This email template builder is mostly focused on the email content and works well for sales emails, client follow-ups, or content-rich messages. However, you can add design elements to make the email look consistent with your brand.


Standing in the queue, Sender is one of the best tools used for email marketing and Users can manage their emails and newsletters because of its vast automation tools, robust UI, and strong connectors.


You may execute highly focused email campaigns with the help of segmentation, list management, and lead magnet funnel tools inherited in the getresponse application. Expanding businesses with the aid of automation and AI tools, Getresponse will play an integral role in fetching business success.


With the support of Marketo, your email marketing will reach new heights. Marketo aims to be the go-to tool for digital marketing since it has all the features needed in one place and here automation is the main selling point. 

Marketing Automation Platforms

Why automation platforms for marketing? 

“Streamline the entire operations with astonishing outcomes”


Zapier keeps automating tasks like syncing email lists and customer databases, managing team files, and sharing updates by connecting everything in your organization with everything else.


Consumer data which is provided for a far-fetched marketing service is Salesforce. Almost every sales and marketing-related problem that firms have can be solved by its extensive ecosystem. All of the products are bundled under the Marketing Cloud for marketing automation. This can enhance business operations with longevity.


Automation and Hubspot, together the better and right platform for automation that makes marketing a dominant one. All of your marketing and sales efforts may be managed easily with a single dashboard. Several amenities are present within the platform for an engaging and easily winning approach.

Go for Conversion rate optimization tools to convert leads to the best outcome


By offering an enhanced online presence and boosting confidence to make wiser decisions, crazyegg will act as the best conversion rate optimization tool. It gives you a simple way to maximize the functionality of your webpage. Establish objectives, plan out the activities you want your website to take, and easily track the outcomes.


You may access and improve your apps and websites with the help of VWO and Get meaningful analytics, examine consumer behavior, and test advertising across all of your digital assets. 

PPC platforms to make your business more efficient

Google Ads

The greatest tool for reaching your audience at the ideal time and location is Google Ads.  A Google Account is all you need to access the dashboard, start campaigns, and browse the available features.All of the widely used marketing materials and tools you require to run ad campaigns are Google ads where your product or service will reach millions of audiences and get maximum outreach.

Facebook Ads Manager

To enhance the marketing of your brand, running ads on the Facebook platform is the most appropriate way. It can help you to aid in business progression. It is the most suitable platform that will make you run a longer way.

Landing Page Tools to drive top-notch Results


Using Linktree, you can create a landing page with all the content you want, including web links, other social media platforms, merchandise, lead capture forms, email marketing signups, and more, all from your social network bio link.


Being a content writing platform, Head Lime aims to elevate the landing page design. With the use of machine learning and the deep learning capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-3, Head Lime can anticipate and finish sentences that you enter, possibly saving a lot of time.


Landing page novices in particular may find LeadPages to be an excellent option since it combines sophisticated lead gathering technologies with user-friendly layouts and connectors. Small firms that are just starting out with landing pages, entrepreneurs, and larger teams.

Tools for Influencer Marketing


Influencity is regarded as the top influencer marketing platform. Influencer marketing has become the trend now as of 2024 and the leverage of social media platforms for advertising is far-fetching a massive group of audiences. Are your brands seeking visibility? 

Go for influencer marketing campaigns to reach success. 

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