Guide to Buying Men’s Diamond Bracelets

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Just like women love to flaunt their jewelry, diamond bracelets for men are a style statement that they love to wear and show off. Available in numerous designs, men’s designer bracelets are fashionable jewelry piece that emanates class. Keep on reading to learn everything about men’s

How to Pick the Right Diamond Bracelet for Him?

Jewelry shopping is as fascinating for men as it is for women. So, if you are someone who loves to wear gemstone bracelets or diamond bracelets and don’t know where to start, then the following tips will be a savior as these focus on tips while buying men’s designer bracelets:

The 4Cs:

Often referred to as the watchwords of diamonds, the 4Cs- cut, color, clarity, and carat need to be understood properly before buying diamond bracelets. A beautifully cut diamond will sparkle magnificently, and a string of such diamonds in the men’s diamond bracelet will look mesmerizing. The clarity of the diamond means that it has fewer inclusions and is thus an important tip that needs to be looked into while buying diamond bracelets. VS1 or VS2 are generally preferred for diamond bracelets. Colorless diamonds will pinch your pockets, while yellow tints are easy on the budget but don’t look appealing. Carat weight will decide how heavy the ensemble will be.


Less is more is the thumb rule that generally governs the jewelry preference amongst men. Though there is no hard and fast principle, choosing a diamond bracelet design that matches your style is the best fit. 

Some of the common styles of diamond bracelets are:

Tennis bracelet has always been in demand because of its elegance and unbeatable charm. Simple and sophisticated, this style for men’s diamond bracelet is a perfect choice for formal occasions. Diamonds in the tennis bracelet are in a continuous line, which is held in a prong or bezel setting. Cluster diamond tennis bracelets, S link tennis bracelets, or baguette cut diamond bracelets are some of the tennis bracelet styles that are much in demand and look ravishing.

Gemstone bracelets are yet another eye-catching bracelet that men can wear for an informal look. Beads or gemstones carefully strewn together in the form of a bracelet are intriguing fashion jewelry for men. You can choose the color of the beads and the gemstone and get it customized by your jeweler.

Cuff bracelets are a stylish jewelry piece for men. Diamonds incorporated into the cuff bracelet give it that bold and strong look that becomes too difficult to ignore.

How about wearing charm bracelets in which each charm has a story behind it? A thoughtful and smart jewelry piece, charm bracelets are in fashion and look quite trendy.

Link bracelets are good for both formal and informal occasions as these feature diamond-studded links.

While classic men’s diamond bracelets are easily available, black diamond bracelets can also be considered for edgy and peculiar appeal.


The choice of metal in men’s diamond bracelets is something that needs due attention. Yellow gold rose gold, white gold, sterling silver, or platinum is good in the case of tennis diamond bracelets. You can mix metals if you opt for a contemporary look.


There are numerous styles of clasps for men’s designer bracelets. Some of the common ones are box clasps, lobster clasps, magnetic clasps, and spring ring clasps. Each clasp has its pros and cons. You can choose the one which best meets your preference.

You should choose a trusted jeweler while buying men’s diamond bracelets, and one such reliable jeweler is Preferred Jewelers International, which can be reached at 8889988874 to book an appointment.

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