FIFA 24 Ultimate Team: 'Greats of the Game' Release Predictions

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EA Sports is introducing the 'Greats of the Game' series to FIFA 24's Ultimate Team mode, celebrating legendary football figures. The promotion is set to honor Icons and Heroes, with upgrades based on the performance of their respective nations during the Euro 2024 and Co


With the Team of the Season (TOTS) festivities drawing to a close, EA Sports is gearing up to introduce the 'Greats of the Game' series to FIFA 24's Ultimate Team mode. This new feature is set to celebrate legendary football figures and will soon be available for players to enhance their squads.

Upcoming Promo Details

The footballing world is abuzz with excitement as two of the most prestigious international tournaments, Euro 2024 and Copa America, are about to commence. In sync with these events, EA is anticipated to launch an all-new Ultimate Team promotion, celebrating the fierce competition.

Allegedly, the promotion titled 'Greats of the Game' will honor Icons and Heroes, with a unique twist allowing for upgrades based on the performance of their respective nations during the tournaments.

We've speculated on the potential inclusions for this promotion, eager to see which legends will make the cut.

Rumor has it that the Greats of the Game event is slated to kick off on Friday, June 7 at 10 am PST (1 pm ET / 6 pm BST). This new campaign is poised to take over from the Ultimate TOTS, which will still be available in packs until then.

Predicted Players and Leaks

Acknowledgment goes to @DonkTrading for the information provided.

Well-known insiders like @AsyFutTrader and @Fut_scoreboard have disclosed a handful of athletes expected to be part of the promotion. Nonetheless, we're venturing to forecast additional football icons who might be included in this illustrious lineup.

Player Country
Rivaldo (Leaked) Brazil
Iker Casillas Spain
Philipp Lahm Germany
Emmanuel Petit (Leaked) France
Wayne Rooney England
Hernan Crespo Argentina
Gheorghe Hagi (Leaked) Romania
Marco van Basten Netherlands
Antonio Di Natale (Leaked) Italy
Michael Laudrup Denmark
Luis Hernandez (Leaked) Mexico
Pavel Nedved Czech Republic

Upgrade Path Mechanics

Recent information has surfaced indicating that players highlighted in the game may experience enhancements to their overall ratings, contingent upon their respective national teams fulfilling specific criteria throughout the competitions.

This potential progression system implies that select individuals might gain up to four additional PlayStyles+, a feature that has not been previously introduced in FC 24's Ultimate Team mode.

Greats of the Game Upgrade Path

The upgrade trajectory for the "Greats of the Game" feature is set to unfold in this manner:

  • When a player's national team nets a total of two goals during the Euros/Copa America tournaments, the player will receive an upgrade of +1 to their Overall Rating (OVR) .

  • Should the player's national team achieve the feat of scoring four goals in the Euros/Copa America, the player stands to gain an additional +1 to their Pace (PS) or a perfect 99 in a chosen Face Stat .

Closing Thoughts

Excitement is building for the Ultimate Team's Greats of the Game event in FC 24. Share your thoughts and anticipation in the comment section!

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