Honkai Star Rail: Players Want More 4-Star Characters

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Honkai: Star Rail's current character release cycle has led to player frustration due to the lack of new four-star characters, hindering diverse team compositions and leaving demands unmet. Despite the introduction of Harmony Trailblazer and a promised new version, players remain uns


The current character release cycle in Honkai: Star Rail has left many players feeling frustrated. There is a noticeable lack of new four-star characters being introduced, despite the community's desire for more variety in the game's roster.

Players are concerned about the studio's delay in releasing enough four-star characters, as these characters are considered valuable additions to any lineup, even though they may not be as powerful as five-star characters. The absence of new four-star characters has led to stagnant team compositions and players feeling like their demands for more diversity in the game are not being met.

Although a free character, Harmony Trailblazer, was introduced in update 2.2, and a new version is promised for March 7th, players are still unsatisfied and hungry for more options. The community is eager for the studio to address the lack of new four-star characters in the game to enhance the overall experience for players.Players of Honkai: Star Rail are expressing their frustration with the current character release cycle. One player voiced their disappointment on the official Honkai: Star Rail Reddit page, highlighting the absence of new 4-star characters in the last three patches. They emphasized the importance of 4-star characters in filling the gap when unable to obtain new 5-star characters.

Many other players joined the discussion, expressing similar concerns and labeling the situation as "ridiculous." Some even drew comparisons to the character release cycle in Genshin Impact, indicating a growing unease among the fan base.

With Genshin Impact offering a wide array of 4-star characters and over 40 5-star characters, fans worry that Honkai: Star Rail might follow a similar path, focusing more on enhancing powerful characters rather than developing the flexibility of lower-level ones. This uncertainty has left players eagerly awaiting the next update, unsure of the direction the game will take.

The last 4-star character, Gallagher, was released in March with the 2.1 update. Since then, the focus has shifted to releasing only 5-star characters with each patch. Players are concerned about the lack of variety in their teams and the impact on those who have few resources to obtain 5-star characters. The absence of new 4-star characters has left a noticeable void in the game's character roster.

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