Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 - Meet Character Firefly

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Upcoming Honkai: Star Rail update 2.3 unveils the highly anticipated five-star character, Firefly, generating excitement. The enigmatic Jade also joins the primary focus, with Firefly's intriguing backstory adding an exciting dynamic.


A recent leak for the upcoming Honkai: Star Rail update 2.3 has unveiled the complete kit for the highly anticipated five-star character, Firefly. Set to make her debut in mid-June, Firefly is already generating excitement among players.

In addition to Firefly, the update will also introduce another new character, the enigmatic Jade. These two additions are expected to be the primary focus of the upcoming release, with no new four-star character announced thus far.

Firefly's backstory as a member of the Sellaron Hunters, a formidable group led by the mysterious Elio, has been revealed in the game's official storyline. Afflicted by entropy loss syndrome due to genetic modification, Firefly's gradual slowdown adds an intriguing dynamic to her character. Notably, she has been identified as the individual inside the armor of Sam, a prominent yet mysterious member of the Sellaron Hunters.

While Firefly's official release is still several weeks away, a reliable source named Razor_Language has already provided detailed insights into her kit, further building anticipation for her arrival.- Primary attack: Performs a standard single-target attack.- Empowered attack: Restores 20% of Firefly's health and inflicts single-target damage.- Special skill: Firefly sacrifices 50% of her maximum health to regain 50% of her maximum energy. She then inflicts fire damage to a single enemy, the damage scaling with her attack stat.- Enhanced special skill: Firefly recovers 35% of her health and applies a fire weakness debuff to one enemy for 2 turns. Enemies already affected by fire weakness cannot be further debuffed.- Ultimate ability: Firefly enters a strengthened state that amplifies the effects of her primary attack and special skill. It also boosts damage against weakness-broken foes and increases weakness-break effectiveness by 50%. While in this state, Firefly's speed is heightened, impacting the damage potential of this new Honkai: Star Rail damage-dealing character.- Firefly's Antilag Outburst Trace enables her to decrease enemies' weakness during her ultimate state, irrespective of their element. Her Autoreactive Armor Trace empowers Firefly to augment her break effect by 6% (up to 60%) for every 100 attack points exceeding 2400. If Firefly's break effect reaches 250/360% or higher, her Core Overload Trace additionally enables her to ignore 30/40% of the target's defense.

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