Diablo 4 Season 3: Highlights from the Livestream

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Explore the highlights of the recent Diablo 4 Season 3 livestream, featuring insights from key panel members and a preview of Season 3's exciting content and community feedback.

Diablo 4: Season 3 Livestream Highlights

The recent livestream for Diablo 4 Season 3 featured a panel of four members. These included Madeleine James (Game Design, Quest), Daniel Tanguay (Game Design Manager), Adam Jackson (Lead Class Designer), and Adam Fletcher (Associate Director of Community).

The livestream covered various topics such as Season 3 (Season of the Construct), major class balancing, Q&A sessions, and last-minute details before Season 3's launch on Tuesday, January 23rd at 10 am (PDT).

The panel reflected on the success of Season 2, highlighting its engaging content and the valuable feedback received from the community. They also discussed the positive reception of the new endgame bosses and the addition of Aoz. Additionally, the development team acknowledged the feedback they received, focusing on player pain points and future enhancements.

The livestream also touched on the Midwinter Blight, Diablo 4's first holiday event, and hinted at more upcoming events in the future. Furthermore, an infographic featuring key data points from the game was presented during the livestream.


Beneath the deserts of Kehjistan lie countless treasures and ancient wisdom, but disturbing them often leads to dire consequences.

The journey begins in Gea-Kul, where the mage Ayuzhan seeks assistance in clearing out the old constructs of Zoltun Kulle, which have been taken over by the demon Malphas. Malphas, a named demon of terror, is discontent with his current stature and plans to forcibly change it. As you progress to the new hub, The Gathall beneath Kehjistan, you will explore the Loom, a project that Ayuzhan and Zoltun Kulle had collaborated on in the past. Throughout the questline, you will discover pieces of the Seneschal construct and rescue Ayuzhan. After rescuing him, he will repair the construct, turning it into a customizable pet that can complement your build throughout the season.

Upon completing the season questline, an uber version of Malphas awaits the daring adventurers.


The Seneschal Construct, a unique companion, and endgame feature, offers players a dynamic and exciting progression system. Its diverse abilities empower players to significantly modify their own character build as well as the construct itself. By customizing the Seneschal Construct with various stones, players can unlock its full potential and enhance their gameplay experience.



  • There are 12 different types of governing stones, including melee, ranged, and utility. Players are allowed to have up to 2 selected at one time.
  • Additionally, there are 27 different types of tuning stones available. Players can use 3 different tuning stones to augment one governing stone, allowing for a total of 6 selected at a time. However, it's important to note that only certain tuning stones work with a particular governing stone. To check compatibility, players can look at the bottom of any tuning stone tooltip to see if it is compatible with their construct's currently equipped governing stones.



When participating in new activities, players can find stones and shattered stones used for crafting. Combining shattered stones with other materials yields an uncertain seneschal stone cache, which can reward a governing stone or tuning stone. If the stone is new, it adds to the collection, and if it's a duplicate, it contributes experience points towards leveling up that stone. Each governing stone or tuning stone has the potential to level up to rank 10. Here's an example of how these stones can be utilized.





The seneschal construct is designed to adapt and scale along with your progression to higher levels, ensuring that it remains effective throughout your journey.

Vaults, which are essentially an extension of Malphas himself, pose significant dangers beyond the monsters they contain. Within the vaults, players will encounter spinning flaming pillars, poison tiles, spike traps, and various other obstacles designed to challenge and test their skills. Upon reaching the end of a vault, commonly referred to as a "death room" by the developers, players are faced with a highly trapped room that they must navigate through in order to claim their rewards and survive the ordeal.



Season 3 Challenges and Rewards

The standard chests found in vaults have been enhanced to offer more valuable rewards, complemented by a new buff system. One such buff is the 'Zoltun Warding', which can be acquired by presenting a 'Pearl of Warding' (obtainable in vaults and various activities across the overworld) to specific statues at the onset of a vault. Each pearl bestows 3 stacks of the buff, and there is no limit to the number of pearls that can be used. By maintaining a sufficient level of Zoltun Warding, access to a 'Wardwoven Chest' containing special items is granted.



Nightmare dungeons in Season 3 Livestream offer challenging versions of vaults with similar rules and the chance to earn glyph xp. As you progress, rewards like the wardwoven chest become more frequent, increasing the risk vs. reward factor. Vault sigils dropped in the game allow players to access these dungeons.

Additionally, arcane tremors, overworld events influenced by Malphas, introduce players to zones in each region where they must combat construct forces to push back Malphas' influence.






As you navigate through the challenges, there are pitfalls to steer clear of, as well as valuable resources to collect. With each obstacle overcome, you have the opportunity to acquire cores. Accumulate a sufficient number of cores and proceed to a brazier, where you can utilize them to invoke the formidable Herald of Malphas. This endeavor presents the chance to obtain potent rewards, notably the esteemed Pearls of Warding.



The Gauntlet, coming later in Season 3, provides a platform for players to showcase their prowess after achieving most, if not all, in the game world. It becomes accessible upon reaching World Tier 4. Key features of the Gauntlet challenge include:

  • Fixed Seed: The gauntlet maintains a consistent layout for all players across attempts, ensuring a level playing field and predictability.

  • Non-linear: Players have the freedom to choose their path through the gauntlet based on their class and play style, allowing them to refine their strategies for maximizing their scores.

  • Test of Strength: Participants can assess their skills and decision-making abilities while pushing their characters to the limit in pursuit of achieving the highest score possible. This competitive element extends to leaderboard comparisons, enabling players to benchmark themselves against others and determine their standing in the game.



Gauntlets offer an exciting and dynamic gameplay experience. You might find yourself engaging in combat with a dungeon boss, only for a shrine to appear upon its defeat. One such shrine is the Shrine of Proving, which has the unique ability to resummon all enemies, including bosses, within a specific radius. This provides players with the opportunity to vanquish more foes and increase their score. Additionally, there is the Shrine of Glory, which grants a score multiplier, and chests scattered throughout the gauntlet that can also contribute to score elevation, provided players have the keys to unlock them.

The gauntlet progress is meticulously tracked by monitoring the top 1,000 players through various metrics. Leaderboards can be customized by platform and segmented according to class, as well as party size, including 2-person, 3-person, and 4-person parties. Moreover, the tracking is duplicated for hardcore mode, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of player performance across different parameters.


Season 3 Livestream Updates

After completing each weekly gauntlet, players will reach specific thresholds and receive seal rewards. These rewards improve as players progress further. Achieving the seal of the worthy signifies readiness for the leaderboards. In addition to these rewards, players can also earn cosmetic rewards based on their accomplishments. The top 10 players from each leaderboard are honored in the hall of the ancients, a permanent archive celebrating the best performers of each week.



In the latest livestream wrap up, several significant changes and updates were highlighted for the upcoming season.

  • PvP objectives have undergone substantial modifications due to low community completion rates. Correspondingly, the rewards associated with these objectives have been extensively reworked to better align with the effort required to achieve them.

  • Throughout the season journey, players can anticipate earning governing stones and tuning stones as rewards. Additionally, the introduction of ancestral 925 items in later chapters adds a new layer of progression for players.

  • Notably, the removal of chapter completion requirements that previously hindered progress in the previous season signifies that the Season 3 questline can now be completed in a single playthrough, offering a more streamlined and accessible experience for players.

  • Each class has received targeted updates aimed at enhancing gameplay. These updates encompass a range of adjustments, including buffs to underused skills, increased utility for certain abilities, and general buffs across the board. These changes seek to bolster the overall class experience and provide a more balanced and engaging gameplay environment.






The livestream for Season 3 unveiled a total of six exciting new unique items, giving players a glimpse of what's in store for the upcoming season. This sneak peek included a detailed showcase of two of these highly anticipated new uniques, generating immense excitement within the community. The livestream provided an exclusive look at the unique abilities and attributes of these items, teasing players with a taste of the innovative gameplay experiences that await them in Season 3.



During the livestream, the team delved into the intricate balance required for Diablo 4, considering the players' desire for both a sense of empowerment through gear and the strategic element of skill and paragon decisions. They also highlighted the community's yearning for a shift in the meta to inject fresh excitement into the gameplay, allowing for the exploration of new theorycrafted builds. As a result, they identified several areas for improvement in Season 3, acknowledging that there are more aspects to be addressed.


The development team has revealed their plans for class balance in Season 3, outlining a comprehensive roadmap for implementing changes and improvements. This roadmap not only covers the upcoming season but also sets the blueprint for how future seasons will operate.

In Season 1, the team focused on keeping classes within a narrow range, but encountered challenges with overstated gear and certain properties like cooldown reduction. Season 2 addressed these issues by providing players with more flexibility in customizing their playstyle, while simultaneously enabling the team to create items and implement changes that would be genuinely beneficial to the players.

It is important to note that leaving the vault will cause the Zoltun's Warding buff to dissipate, ensuring fair play and preventing exploitation of game mechanics.

The team acknowledges the complexity of buffing, nerfing, and balancing pet builds. While adjustments have been made in the past and will continue in Season 3, the development team is committed to addressing the community's desire for more viable pet-based strategies.

Duriel remains the prime location for acquiring uber uniques, and players can obtain two uber unique tuning stones by defeating the uber version of Malphas.

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