Enhance the Longevity of Polymer Products by using a UV Weathering Test Chamber

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Improve polymer product durability with the UV Accelerated Weathering Tester. Protect against UV damage and extend product lifespan

  • The most important feature of this instrument is the safety measures taken during testing. 
  • Come with the features of an alarm and indicator.
  • Come with two different settings of light i.e.; UVB and UVA lamps. 
  • Equipped with 8 Xenon lights for replicating the rays from sunlight.
  • The UV test can be conducted on a large scale due to the ability to test 48 samples at a time of the UV tester. 
  • The availability of irridance control is the best feature that attracts most manufacturers to test the products with a UV weathering tester.
  • The operator can control Temperature and time with the help of an HMI based screen.
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