A Quick Look at Tarisland Gameplay

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Tarisland is about to launch worldwide on June 21st this summer! Before it’s officially released, check this article out for something you ought to know before you play!

Developed by Level Infinite and Locojoy, published by Tencent, Tarisland is a classic,  cross-platform MMORPG to expect. Set in a fantasy world filled with magical realms, mystical creatures, and ancient mysteries, Tarisland may have already been one of the choices on your to-do list this summer! To enjoy the best audio-visual performance, we recommend playing Tarisland on Mac with MuMuPlayer Pro!


A Quick Look at Tarisland Gameplay







Immerse yourself in a game that goes beyond the classic and transports you to a world beyond fantasy. In this dynamic realm, survival is paramount as you navigate a fierce battle between three warring deities. Tarisland: Mystery of the Hollows invites you to embark on an extraordinary voyage through a vast and ever-expanding world. 


Prepare to be captivated by compelling storytelling, challenging dungeons and raids, and a diverse selection of classes and specializations to explore. Join the adventure and carve your path in this epic realm.


Also, what is also extremely important is that as a classic MMORPG that goes back to the essence of gaming, Tarisland announced officially there will definitely be no elements of P2W(Pay to Win). So you could experience a healthy, clean, balanced gameplay environment in Tarisland. Only extra content like cosmetics and season passes are things that need to be purchased.



Together there will be in total 9 classes in Tarisland, and, according to the information so far, there will be at least 2 genders to choose in each classes: a male one and a female one. And also, each class will be separated into 2 specializations with different sets of skills.


Correspondingly, their roles assigned in the whole team will be super different. The names for different specializations for different classes are pretty fun – 2 specializations for the class Bard are Solo and Harmony, which suits the background story of the class better.


The 9 classes and their specializations are as down below. You need to choose carefully if you have a certain role that you want to play. Later we will have another article stating the details in each classes:

A Quick Look at Tarisland Gameplay



A Quick Look at Tarisland Gameplay


Experience the captivating combat system of Tarisland, where simplicity evolves into complexity as you earn talent points and unlock new abilities. Designed with mobile gameplay in mind, the combat mechanics strike a balance between accessibility and depth. 


With a repertoire of six abilities, including long-duration buffs, area-of-effect attacks, and skill progression through spammable abilities, the combat in Tarisland offers an effective and engaging experience. Prepare for thrilling battles and strategic encounters in this immersive world. 


Inscribed Stone System and Inscribed Stone Skills

A Quick Look at Tarisland Gameplay


Incribed stones and Inscribed stone skills are the most special and key components in Tarisland. According to the myth of Tarisland, the very first inscribed stone was created by one of the three gods of Tarisland – Fatuina. But later several disastrous events caused its shatter in parts, which soon led to the unleash of its magical energy.


Delve into the Inscribed Stone skill system of Tarisland, which enhances the range of viable class builds. This unique system brings diversity to different specializations and their roles in battle, allowing for personalized gameplay experiences. Combined with class skills and ultimates, the Inscribed Stone skill system forms the foundation of each class specialization in Tarisland. Discover the endless possibilities and shape your character's destiny in this immersive world.


To use this special skill, the user will have a new UI to indicate the amount of Inscribed Stone Enerygy. Whenever a battle begins, the bar in the UI is empty. And it will automatically and gradually be charged during the battle. Once the UI start shining, you can then activate your Inscribed Stone Skills, which triggers the special movement and buff to your characters.



A Quick Look at Tarisland Gameplay


Since the CBT of Tarisland, they have been improving their profession system which, many players have shown great interest in.


In Tarisland for now, you could experienced 5 professions. They are : Forging, Artisan, Jewelry Making, Tailoring, and Alchemy. You can learn these professions in SilverLit in this game. 


There will be corresponding mentors for you to step into different professions to enrich your gaming experience. Once you decided your path of professions, you cannot acquire skills from other professions at the same time. When you are ready to forget the memory of your old professions, you can start a new one. But there will be a cool down time for the old one. Before the cooldown ends, you can’t go back to this old one.

Tarisland is about to launch on June 21st. If you are seeking a classic, natural MMORPG, this is the right choice for you. Also, we suggest you play this game on your macbook with MuMuPlayer Pro!




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