Maximize Druid Damage: Tips & Strategies

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Increase the damage output of Druids significantly through maximizing the potential of the rampaging werebeast, known as cocaine bear. Explore the key strategies, such as leveraging the Grizzly Rage skill, to capitalize on critical hits and boost scaling critical strike damage.

Optimizing Druid Damage Output

Druids are frequently underrated and are often the subject of jokes for dealing only "17" damage. However, we are here to demonstrate how to significantly increase the damage output of this class.

Throughout this detailed exploration, you will learn how to maximize the damage potential of a druid.

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The aspect of the rampaging werebeast, also known as cocaine bear, possesses the capability to scale damage almost infinitely.

When utilizing a Druid build to maximize damage output, there are several key strategies to keep in mind:

  • Leverage the Grizzly Rage skill to capitalize on critical hits, as each critical hit during this state grants a 10% scaling critical strike damage boost for the entire duration of the buff.

  • Utilize skills that have multiple hits per cast to effectively increase the critical damage bonus. For instance, a skill that hits 4 times per cast would result in a 40% crit damage bonus for each hit on a single target.

  • Opt for skills that allow for multiple casts on numerous targets to significantly amplify the critical strike damage bonus. For instance, using a skill that hits 4 times per cast, 5 times on 6 mobs would result in a substantial 1200% critical strike damage bonus.

To fully optimize the Druid build for maximum damage potential, it is essential to address the following key considerations:

  • Ensure that Grizzly Rage is always available and not on cooldown to continuously benefit from the critical strike damage bonus.

  • Seek methods to prolong the duration of Grizzly Rage to further amplify the scaling buff.

  • Aim for a 100% critical strike chance to maximize the frequency of critical hits and subsequently, the damage bonuses.

  • Efficiently manage spirit generation to minimize downtime and focus on consistently landing critical hits.

  • Identify and prioritize skills that can effectively target multiple enemies multiple times, as this will result in a higher frequency of critical hits and multipliers.

To maximize the effectiveness of the Druid Build, it's crucial to address the duration of Grizzly Rage. Achieving a 100% uptime for this ability is paramount, as its strength amplifies the longer it remains active. It's important to bear in mind that the buff resets with each new activation of Grizzly Rage.

The Grizzly Rage ability in this druid build comes with a cooldown of 60 seconds and has a base duration of 20 seconds. When combined with the Rampaging Werebeast aspect, the duration can extend up to 30 seconds. This powerful combination allows the druid to unleash devastating damage over an extended period, making it a crucial asset in maximizing overall damage output.

Druidic Boons and Building Strategies

By equipping it in the 2-handed weapon slot and pairing it with the druidic boon, "calamity," you can extend the duration to 37.5 seconds.

With a duration of 37.5 seconds, the cocaine bear mode becomes a near-constant state, requiring just a little extra momentum.

For those unfamiliar with boons, they represent the unique mechanic of the druid, allowing the selection of 5 distinct buffs for the build.

Consider taking the "Calm Before the Storm" boon, as it can effectively reduce the cooldown of your ultimate ability by 2 seconds each time it procs. This can greatly enhance your damage output and increase your overall effectiveness in combat.

To further reduce the remaining cooldown, you can consider incorporating cooldown reduction into your gear.

In the late game, you can acquire items that offer substantial cooldown reduction of around 9-10%. Equipping just one or two of these items will ensure a permanent Grizzly Rage, and in some cases, you may find that only one item is necessary.

With a Grizzly Rage duration of almost 40 seconds and minimal downtime, you can now shift your focus to addressing the next challenge: achieving 100% critical chance and unlimited mana.

Earthen Might is a valuable asset for any druid build. When activated, it offers a 100% critical strike chance and unlimited spirit, making it a highly sought-after buff. However, it only has a 5 to 25% chance of proccing on lucky hits.

To ensure the consistent activation of Earthen Might, it is essential to employ skills that can strike multiple times and hit multiple targets. This strategy synergizes well with the stacking of the grizzly rage buff. A potential hurdle arises from the fact that Earthen Might exclusively amplifies earth skills, while the use of werebear skills is restricted during grizzly rage.

In summary, while Earthen Might presents an enticing opportunity for significant damage output, its reliance on specific skill types necessitates a strategic approach to maximize its benefits within a druid build.

In a remarkable transformation akin to Jesus turning water into wine, Blizzard has converted earth skills into powerful werebear abilities with Vasily's Prayer. This miraculous change has elevated the potential for dealing millions of damage with a Druid build.

Powerful Cocaine Bear Build Strategy

With the addition of Earthen Might, the Cocaine Bear build has become even more powerful.

Thanks to the constant Cocaine Bear buff, spirit issues are a thing of the past, and critical hits are guaranteed.

When it comes to selecting skills for the build, it's essential to consider the most effective options. Among the top choices are Landslide, Tornado, and Pulverize.

There are multiple effective options available for different builds, and we will explore them in future articles. These options can significantly impact gameplay and strategy. Each build offers unique strengths and playstyles, providing players with diverse options for achieving success.

Landslide is my preferred choice due to its ability to generate terramote stacks, ensuring critical hits. This makes it more consistent and less dependent on earthen might compared to pulverize and tornado. On bosses, it can be challenging to trigger lucky hits on a single target when earthen might is not always active.

Landslide is renowned for its exceptional damage output and considerable area of effect, making it a formidable choice for inflicting widespread devastation.

Landslide can summon 2 pillars, but with the aspect of the aftershock, it can be enhanced to strike enemies 4 times.This results in 4 stacks of the powerful Cocaine Bear buff for each enemy hit, providing a substantial 40% increase in critical damage per enemy for each cast.If you manage to hit 6 enemies 5 times, you can achieve a remarkable 1200% increase in critical damage.Consider the potential to accumulate stacks over nearly 38 seconds for an even more impressive outcome.

Many players believe that adding a third pillar can increase the number of hits from 4 to 6, but this is actually a misconception. The passive ability for this is misleading, as the third pillar is purely visual and the passive only functions to expand the area of effect, which may be a potential bug.

Pulverize can be transformed into an earth skill by incorporating the aspect of ursine horror. Additionally, the impact of pulverize can be amplified by integrating the shockwave aspect, allowing it to strike twice for maximum damage. This combination results in a formidable druid build capable of inflicting millions of damage.

The druid build allows for the utilization of tornado and lightning storm, and further enhancements can be made by transforming grizzly rage and storm skills into werewolf abilities. Despite the complexity of these adjustments, players are eagerly anticipating a potential increase in the effectiveness of lightning strike.

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