Zenless Zone Zero Character: Von Lycaon Agent Profile

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The article provides a detailed guide on the character Lycaon in the game. It includes information on his profile, stats, skills, talents, best build, best teams, and how to obtain him. Lycaon is described as an S-rank ice agent with specific attributes and skills that players can utilize

Another brand-new HoYoverse gacha game, Zenless Zone Zero, recently revealed that it would be formally published on July 4, 2024, across all platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, and PlayStation 5. Join us as we explore the depths of Lycaon's abilities and embark on a journey to harness his full potential in the world of ZZZ. To enjoy the best audio-visual performance, we recommend playing zenless zone zero on Mac with MuMuPlayer Pro


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Zenless Zone Zero Character: Von Lycaon Agent Profile




Set in a post-apocalyptic metropolis, Zenless Zone Zero is a widely anticipated new action role-playing game. It was made by the well-known HoYoverse and will be formally released on July 4th, 2024 for Windows, iOS, Android, and PlayStation 5. Playing as "Proxy," a professional who goes with people who discover Hollows in the futuristic metropolis of New Eridu, the player will assemble an elite squad for battle with their enemies.


Character design has always been one of HoYoverse's strong suits, and the characters in Zenless Zone Zero are no exception. "Agent" refers to other characters in Zenless Zone Zero besides the players. We will be introducing one of the most popular agents, Von Lycaon, to you today in this article.


Zenless Zone Zero Character: Von Lycaon Agent Profile


In the world of ZZZ, Lycaon is a formidable character with unique abilities and a captivating gameplay experience. As an elite agent, Lycaon's skills and talents set him apart from the rest, making him a valuable asset in any team. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, mastering Lycaon's gameplay is essential for success.


Lycaon is an agent with ice attribute. Known for his rationality, wisdom, and obsession with flawlessness, Lycaon, the loyal servant of the Victoria Housekeeping Co., is loyal only to those he chooses to obey. Also, being the most unique-looking playable character Hoyo has ever created, this robust, graceful, hot, badass wolf gentleman with fine outfit has gained a lot of attention among the gamer community since the character was released. There are tons of fanart about him out there.


Zenless Zone Zero Character: Von Lycaon Agent Profile


Players have the opportunity to acquire Lycaon by pulling from the "Star-Studded Cast" standard banner. This elusive character is part of the permanent roster, appearing alongside other notable characters such as Koleda, Soldier 11, Grace, Rina, and Nekomata. Additionally, players can make use of the 300-pull character selection feature to select from 6 S-rank agents.


Zenless Zone Zero Character: Von Lycaon Agent Profile


With the help of a special charge-up mechanism, Lycaon can quickly immobilize opponents. He can stun adversaries with his charged strike, which allows the squad to take advantage of the opportunities that follow for more damage to deal.


His basic attack "Moon Hunter" allows him to Releases five strikes that do physical harm. And when the attack is charged up when you hold down on the button, you can control him to strike a better damage with ice attribute. Additionally, he also has several talents such as Full Moon Momentum, Energy Feedback, Attendant Training, as well as Graceful Demeanor for buffs on the effects of attack, energy accumulation, increasing of skill levels and trigger of HP shield.


Overall, Lycaon is a powerful character that can provide unique tactical advantages to your team, as well as a visual attraction since the character design is so elegant and interesting.


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