FC 24 Ultimate Team - Mascherano Hero SBC Guide

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Unlock the Javier Mascherano Hero Card with superb stats in the latest Greats of the Game SBC. Join FC 24 Ultimate Team for a chance to experience this outstanding player's talents and potential upgrades!



EA has introduced the last Greats of the Game SBC in FC 24 Ultimate Team, featuring an outstanding Hero card for Javier Mascherano ahead of the Path to Glory Knockouts promo.

Joining the ranks of Iker Casillas, Luis Figo, and Clarence Seedorf, Mascherano is the newest player to receive a Greats of the Game item, much to the delight of fans, and he certainly lives up to expectations!

As the Greats of the Game promo concludes in FC 24 Ultimate Team, EA has unveiled this final SBC before shifting attention to other events.

Javier Mascherano Hero Card Overview

Javier Mascherano, known for his time with West Ham, Liverpool, and Barcelona, can now be acquired by completing five Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) just in time for Argentina's Quarter-Final against Ecuador in the Copa America.

Mascherano, who has 147 senior international appearances, boasts a 94-rated Greats of the Game Hero card. This card features impressive stats: 90 Pace, 90 Passing, 87 Dribbling, 94 Defending, and 92 Physical.

Furthermore, the center-back (CB) is equipped with three PlayStyles+: Power Header, Intercept, and Anticipate.

Additionally, there's potential for Mascherano to receive an upgrade if Argentina fulfills certain criteria during the Copa America. This could enhance his Overall Rating (OVR), PlayStyles+, or stats even more in the near future.

Squad Building Challenge Requirements


  • At least one Argentine player must be included in your starting lineup.

  • Ensure that your starting lineup features a minimum of one player from either the Team of the Season (TOTS) or Team of the Week (TOTW).

  • The overall team rating should be no less than 85.

First Squad Challenge


Acknowledgment: EasySBC


  • Mixed Players Pack

Second Squad Challenge


  • Include at least one TOTS or TOTW player in your starting lineup.

  • Ensure the team's overall rating is at least 86.


Credit: EasySBC

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