Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 Update - New Relics & Planar Ornaments

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The upcoming version 2.3 update of Honkai: Star Rail will introduce new relic sets and planar ornaments, providing players with exciting ways to enhance characters and customize playstyles. This expansion will further diversify the game's character empowerment options.


In the upcoming version 2.3 update of Honkai: Star Rail, players can look forward to the introduction of new relic sets and planar ornaments. These additions will offer exciting new ways to enhance characters and customize playstyles. The game, known for its diverse methods of character empowerment, is set to expand its range of options with these new features.

One of the key elements in character enhancement is the utilization of light cones, which grant specific bonuses and unique effects tailored to different character classes. Meanwhile, relics and planar ornaments provide more generalized boosts, contributing to overall character progression. The imminent version 2.3 update is expected to bring forth a fresh array of relics and planar ornaments, further enriching the gameplay experience.

While the acquisition of light cones primarily involves gacha and events, relics and planar ornaments can be obtained within the in-game world. Players can leverage their in-game trailblaze power to conquer the "cavern of corrosion" challenges and earn relics, each with its own randomized stats. On the other hand, planar ornaments are exclusively attainable as rewards for clearing elite rooms in the simulated universe game mode, offering a distinct avenue for character enhancement.

With these upcoming additions, players can anticipate an expanded scope for character empowerment and customization in Honkai: Star Rail's next update.A recent leak from the Honkai: Star Rail community has unveiled exciting details about two new relic sets and planar ornaments coming in the highly anticipated Version 2.3 update. The leaked information, shared by leakers Firefly Lover and Dim, introduces the "Iron Cavalry Against Scourge" set and "The Wind-Soaring Valorous" set, both offering unique bonuses and effects for players to explore.

The "Iron Cavalry Against Scourge" set is tailored to enhance weakness break mechanics. Its two-piece bonus increases the break effect, while the four-piece bonus allows the wearer to ignore a percentage of the enemy's defense when dealing break damage, under specific conditions. On the other hand, "The Wind-Soaring Valorous" set focuses on boosting the wearer's attack, with the two-piece bonus offering increased attack stats and the four-piece bonus amplifying damage dealt after using an ultimate or follow-up attack within Honkai: Star Rail .

In addition to the relic sets, the leak also hints at the introduction of new planar ornaments, namely the "Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern" and "Duran, Dynasty of Running Wolves". These ornaments bring a range of effects, from enhancing speed and break effects to empowering follow-up attacks and critical damage under certain conditions.

Players can look forward to experiencing these new additions upon the release of Version 2.3 on June 18, offering fresh strategies and possibilities within the game.

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