Guide: Unlock TOTS Thiney in FIFA 24 for 26K Coins

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The article introduces the TOTS Gaetane Thiney Squad Building Challenge in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team. It provides a review of her 94-rated stats and details the requirements and cost-effective methods to complete the SBC. The squad composition and reward are also discussed, with the approximat


Electronic Arts has introduced a new Squad Building Challenge (SBC) featuring Gaetane Thiney from D1 Arkema as a part of the ongoing Team of the Season (TOTS) event in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team. Alongside Thiney, players can also obtain Kadidiatou Diani of Lyon through similar challenges.

In this guide, we'll explore the most cost-effective methods to unlock the TOTS Gaetane Thiney SBC. We'll also delve into her enhanced stats, which come with this special blue card edition.

The latest SBC in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team celebrates the TOTS event by honoring Paris FC's attacking midfielder Gaetane Thiney with a significantly boosted card. Let's dive into the details of how to add her to your squad.

Player Review and Stats

This season, Thiney has made a notable impact on the field with nine goals in 22 league matches, earning a stellar 94-rated TOTS card. This card boasts remarkable attributes such as 90 Pace, 91 Shooting, 96 Passing, 91 Dribbling, and 81 Physical.

Additionally, the two-time Division 1 Féminine Player of the Year brings to the table three distinctive PlayStyles+, namely Incisive Pass, Tiki Taka, and Press Proven, enhancing her versatility on the field.

SBC Requirements and Cost

To successfully complete the FC 24 TOTS Thiney Squad Building Challenge (SBC), players need to assemble and submit a single squad. Here are the most cost-effective methods to do so:

  • Ensure your starting lineup includes at least one player from France.
  • Incorporate a minimum of one Team of the Season (TOTS) or Team of the Week (TOTW) player in your starting XI.
  • The overall team rating should reach a minimum of 83.

Squad Composition and Reward


Incentive:- Team of the Season (TOTS) Gaetane Thiney

Upon successful submission of the necessary team, players can recruit TOTS Gaetane Thiney to their Ultimate Team at an approximate value of 26,600 coins .

Final Thoughts and Community Engagement

Valued at approximately 26,600 coins, the TOTS version of Gaetane Thiney presents an excellent deal, given her impressive overall rating and the stats that come with it. All her attributes are commendable, with the exception of her defensive skills. With a growing pool of Ligue 1 and D1 Arkema players up for grabs, investing time in this Squad Building Challenge could be a wise decision.

Are you planning to tackle the TOTS Gaetane Thiney Squad Building Challenge? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

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