Unlock Hofmann SBC: Tips, Cost & Player Stats for FIFA Ultimate Team

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The article introduces the new Showdown Squad Building Challenge (SBC) featuring Jonas Hofmann from FC 24 Ultimate Team. It details Hofmann's attributes, SBC requirements, and rewards. The estimated cost for completing the SBC is approximately 83.7K coins.



Electronic Arts has introduced a new Showdown Squad Building Challenge (SBC) featuring Jonas Hofmann from FC 24 Ultimate Team, coinciding with the upcoming UEFA Europa League Final where Bayer Leverkusen will face Atalanta.

Let's delve into the details of Hofmann's attributes, including his official rating and stats. Additionally, we'll explore the most cost-effective methods to finish his SBC, making it simpler for you to incorporate this Centre Attacking Midfielder (CAM) into your squad.

While the Team of the Season (TOTS) event is currently the talk of the town in Ultimate Team, EA has not held back from releasing an exciting Showdown SBC for players to engage with.

You can unlock the Bayer Leverkusen midfielder, Jonas Hofmann, by successfully completing a set of two SBCs. Hofmann's card is released alongside Ederson's from Atalanta, both as part of the Showdown event.

Hofmann's SBC Rating and Stats Overview


Hofmann has received a Showdown card with an impressive 92 OVR, boasting substantial stats such as 90 in Pace, 92 in Shooting, 89 in Passing, 91 in Dribbling, 80 in Defending, and 85 in Physical. Should Leverkusen emerge victorious in the Europa League Final, this Showdown card will get a further boost, increasing Hofmann's OVR by an additional 2 points.

Additionally, the German international's card is enhanced with a Five-Star Weak Foot, ensuring versatility in play. Furthermore, he comes equipped with three distinct PlayStyles+: Power Shot, Relentless, and Pinged Pass, which contribute to his dynamic in-game performance.

How to Complete Hofmann SBC

If you're aiming to enhance your Ultimate Team with the addition of Jonas Hofmann through the Showdown SBC, here's what you need to know to get it done!

  • Player Criteria: Ensure you have at least one German player in your starting lineup.

  • Team Quality: Your squad must reach a minimum overall rating of 85.

First SBC Challenge Requirements and Reward


To earn the Mixed Players Pack as a reward, players can engage in the FC 24 Showdown Hofmann SBC. This challenge provides an opportunity to enhance their FIFA Ultimate Team with a diverse selection of footballers.

Second SBC Challenge Requirements and Reward

To successfully complete the FC 24 Showdown Hofmann SBC, your squad must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Ensure that at least one player from the Bundesliga is included in your starting lineup.
  • The squad's overall rating should be at least 87.



  • Large Premium Gold Players Pack

Total Cost and Final Thoughts

Upon successfully submitting the necessary teams, you'll unlock the Showdown Jonas Hofmann player item and the exclusive Dublin UEFA Europa League Final Kit for your Ultimate Team. The estimated cost for this Squad Building Challenge is approximately 83.7K coins.

Are you considering tackling this SBC to enhance your squad? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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