Party Rental Boats Miami

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This infographic is designed by Royal yachts Miami.

Introducing Royal Yachts, a yachting company that embarked on its journey in 2018 driven by an unwavering passion for boats, a deep affinity for the sea and water sports, and a commitment to crafting unforgettable experiences underpinned by top-tier service. Our story began in Dubai, where we established our inaugural yacht rental venture. From day one, our priority has always been to deliver the finest service and create indelible memories for our clients.


Having mastered the art of exceptional service and being confident in our ability to extend this to all our customers, we took a momentous leap in 2021. This year marked the expansion of our horizons to the splendid sailing haven of Miami. Here, we continue our mission to provide unparalleled experiences and showcase the beauty of the seas to all who seek it.


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