Complete Sofia Huerta TOTS Plus SBC: Your Guide & Cost Estimate

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Electronic Arts has introduced a new Squad Building Challenge featuring Sofia Huerta's TOTS Plus card in FIFA 24's Ultimate Team mode. The challenge requires the submission of a single squad and the overall cost is approximately 30,000 coins. Huerta's upgraded card boasts


Electronic Arts has recently launched a new Squad Building Challenge (SBC) featuring Sofia Huerta's TOTS Plus card in FIFA 24's Ultimate Team mode. This challenge is introduced as part of the NWSL Team of the Season (TOTS) celebration.

Let's delve into the specifics of Huerta's upgraded card and detail the process of completing her SBC, which requires the submission of a single squad.

Sofia Huerta, the talented player from Seattle Reign, has been honored with a TOTS Plus card that significantly boosts her overall (OVR) rating by an impressive 10 points.

As the TOTS festivities draw closer to their conclusion, the release of Huerta's special blue card marks her exceptional performance throughout the season, adding to the excitement of the TOTS promotions.

Huerta's TOTS Plus Card Overview

The right-back position has been bolstered with a stellar 92-rated Team of the Season (TOTS) card for Huerta, boasting impressive attributes.

  • The card shines with a swift 92 pace, a competent 84 shooting score, and a precise 90 passing rating.
  • Huerta's control on the ball is reflected in her 91 dribbling, while her defensive capabilities are solid with an 87 defending stat.
  • Physicality is also noteworthy at 86, ensuring she can hold her own on the pitch.

Moreover, Huerta's versatility is enhanced by a four-star rating in both weak foot and skill moves.

  • The addition of three PlayStyles+; Whipped Pass+, Intercept+, and Relentless+, further rounds out her skill set.
  • Her adaptability is on display as she can effectively take on roles as a Right Wing Back (RWB), a Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM), or even a Right Winger (RW), making her a valuable asset in various positions on the field.

SBC Requirements

To successfully complete the FC 24 TOTS Plus Huerta SBC, players must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Include at least one Team of the Season (TOTS) or Team of the Week (TOTW) player within your starting lineup.
  • Ensure that the squad's overall rating reaches a minimum of 83.

Squad Submission and Cost

Upon completion of the Squad Building Challenge with the required team, you gain the opportunity to incorporate TOTS Plus Sofia Huerta into your FIFA Ultimate Team at an estimated cost of approximately 30,000 coins.

Comparable to the Serie A TOTS player Gudmundsson, Huerta is an excellent choice to boost your team off the bench. With a price tag of just 30K, she represents a great value for money. Considering her remarkable adaptability on the field, taking on this SBC should be an easy decision for players looking to enhance their squad.


Are you planning to tackle the Team of the Season (TOTS) Plus Sofia Huerta Squad Building Challenge (SBC)? Share your thoughts and intentions in the comment section below!

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