FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack 9: Release Date Speculations & Expected Loot

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The FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack 9 is anticipated to launch in June, offering exclusive rewards. No official release date has been announced, but it's expected to debut after June 17. Eligible players can claim the pack via the Prime Gaming website by linking their EA and Amazon accounts.



Eligible players can anticipate the arrival of the FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack for June, which promises to deliver exclusive Ultimate Team rewards to enhance their squad-building endeavors.

  • Anticipated Launch of Prime Gaming Pack 9
  • Potential Incentives in Prime Gaming Pack 9
  • Steps to Acquire Prime Gaming Packs

We're set to unpack all the essential information regarding Prime Gaming Pack 9. This includes the forecasted launch timeline, the rewards players might receive, and the process for obtaining the pack. Let's explore these details further!

Predicted Release Date

While there is typically no advance notice for the official release date of FC 24 Prime Gaming Packs, the conclusion of Prime Gaming Pack 8 on Monday, June 17 , strongly suggests the next installment.

Anticipating the pattern established by earlier releases, we forecast that Prime Gaming Pack 9 will make its debut either on the aforementioned date or within the subsequent day.

How to Claim the Prime Gaming Pack


Players who meet the eligibility criteria will be able to redeem the pack through the Prime Gaming website. This requires linking their EA account to their Amazon account, a process that will be elaborated on later in this article.

Expected Rewards for Prime Gaming Pack 9

Taking into account the pattern of previous FC 24 Prime Gaming Packs, the anticipation is that Pack 9 will maintain the standard of offering four distinct rewards.

Historically, aside from the inclusion of a player loan item, the contents of Prime Gaming Packs have remained consistent, with a notable exception being the increase in the number of items for Packs 7 and 8.

Forecasts for the contents of Prime Gaming Pack 9, drawing from the trends seen in earlier releases, suggest the following items:

  • A selection of 8 Gold Rare Players, which will be untradeable.
  • Two opportunities for a Player Pick, each guaranteeing a minimum overall rating of 81+, also untradeable.
  • A bundle of 12 Rare Consumables to bolster gameplay.
  • A loan of 1 Player to temporarily enhance your squad.

Special Mentions and Historical Trends


Prime Gaming Packs have consistently included Random Hero and Icon players, with the eighth installment notably providing players with an Icon hailing from the celebrated Golazo promotion.

Linking Your Amazon Prime and EA Accounts

To access the FC 24 Prime Gaming Packs, you must have an active Amazon Prime subscription. Here's a step-by-step guide to linking your accounts and claiming your rewards:

  • Begin by ensuring that the Amazon Prime account you plan to use is permanently linked to your EA account, as changing it later could result in losing access to your loot.
  • Navigate to the Prime Gaming website and hit the ' Sign In ' button at the page's top to log into your Amazon account.
  • After signing in, go back to the Prime Gaming homepage and look for the loot you're interested in. Click on the ' Claim ' button associated with that loot.
  • You'll be taken to a page that showcases all the loot you can claim, including past and upcoming rewards. Select ' Claim now ' for the pack you want.
  • A confirmation screen will display your Amazon Prime account details. Verify that they are correct; if not, select ' Switch Amazon account ' to correct it.
  • Proceed by clicking ' Go to Electronic Arts ', where you might need to sign into your Amazon account once more. Ensure you use the same Amazon account as before and click ' Sign In '.
  • You will be asked to grant Electronic Arts permission to access your Amazon account. Click ' Allow ' to continue.
  • After granting access, click ' Return to Amazon ' to go back.
  • To finalize the process, click ' Complete claim '. Your FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack should now be linked and available through your EA account.

Closing Thoughts

Are you planning to snag the upcoming Prime Gaming Pack 9 upon its launch? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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