How Combination of Coffee with Cadbury Cocoa Powder Improve Your Health

The health benefits of cocoa are the most notable being lowered blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, improved blood flow, and lowered inflammation. 

When you have heard some claims that chocolate is good for health, these only refer to cocoa which is in turn a unique source of antioxidants. But fundamentally, cocoa is what gives birth to chocolate, and it’s a great starter material to deliver many flavonoids (powerful antioxidants) into our bodies. The health benefits of cocoa are the most notable being lowered blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, improved blood flow, and lowered inflammation. 

Know about the topmost benefits of the cocoa bean when mixed with your favorite Nescafe Gold 200g coffee.

What Do You Understand by Cocoa?

Cocoa, the name for uncooked, unprocessed beans, is the rare commodity that gives but a thought to become chocolate. When you strip the shell and roast, the beans turn into little brown things called cocoa nibs, which are a health obsession, and they taste awesome!

From there, you can further transform nibs into powder (cocoa powder) which is employed in the manufacture of chocolate baked goods, such as brownies or cakes, and hot drinks too. Secondly, you may turn the powder into liquid by melting it and then adding sugar (and/or milk). When it is set, it gives us bars with a smoother texture – typical chocolate such as we are used to.

Cocoa nibs are natural, unsugared small pieces that result from crushing the beans from where cocoa is made. Cocoa nibs are a subtype of cocoa bean, hard to chew but crunchy enough to digest, their taste being dark bitter chocolate.

Benefits of Mixing Cocoa Powder with Coffee 

Chocolate is made of raw cocoa just, which is rich in flavonoids – the powerful antioxidants extracted from plants. The world at large has benefited from the flavonoids in cocoa which are the compounds behind many health benefits, of which we mention the ten aforementioned cocoa health benefits.

· Reduce the inflammation level: One of the deadliest inflammations is chronic inflammation and thus you should consume more foods rich in antioxidants (like cocoa) as the best defence mechanism against the body having elevated inflammation. Cocoa seems to have good antioxidant activity in the body and as a protective mechanism against inflammation.

· Removing excess cholesterol: The is known to be taken by the body from​ cholesterol and is directly associated with the low content of

· A lowered blood pressure: It is because cocoa has many antioxidants content that is connected to free radical consumption in the body and leads to better blood flow. 

· Enhanced blood flow: Like flavonoids that act to bring down blood pressure, they are also believed to promote blood flow to both the brain and heart, which then reduces the chances of having a heart blood clot. The enhanced flavonoid number in cocoa is due to its ability to discharge nitric oxide into the bloodstream, which in turn increases the smoothness of your blood vessels and arteries thus allowing better blood flow.

· Enhanced insulin sensitivity: Both human and animal clinical studies are proving that the flavonoids in cocoa may be supporting improved glucose uptake by the cells and reduced insulin resistance is one of the ways how this is done.

· Enhanced brain function: Cocoa has a special type of flavonoid called epicatechin that is reputed to tame cognitive functions and has been associated with improved learning and concentration.

· Refresh your mood: Cocoa has antioxidants that through its neural mechanism generate a diverse mood-improving effect. Out of eight studies that examined cocoa and mood, the effect was found to have a good impact or improvement in mood state in five cases, while the other three showed a decrease in negative mood.

· Increase productivity level: The flavonoid and caffeine contents in cocoa can result in improved blood flow and alertness, which are paramount physical performance constant and high reaction times.


Drinking just plain coffee at all times might be boring. Try something different for your taste buds by combining Cadbury cocoa powder with the favored choice of Nescafe coffee to enhance your taste and improve your health. Buy both products online in the required quantity from a reliable eCommerce platform.