FC 25: Predictions for New Leagues and Competitions Lineup

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This article discusses the expected inclusion of various football leagues and competitions in EA FC 25. It emphasizes the importance of real-life licenses and predicts the return of esteemed organizations like the Premier League, UEFA, Serie A, and others. Speculative predictions for new i



Authenticity and realism form the cornerstone of EA FC's immersive experience, and we're set to explore the array of leagues expected to be included in FC 25 upon its release.

As EA gears up for the launch of a fresh FIFA installment, it's clear that their aim for FC 25 is to set a new standard for authenticity and realism in soccer gaming, thereby solidifying their position against emerging competitors.

The Importance of Real-Life Licenses

EA FC's immense popularity is largely due to its extensive portfolio of licenses, which grant it the rights to feature a plethora of the world's most prestigious football leagues and competitions. With an impressive lineup of over 700 teams and 30 leagues, FC 24 offers fans an incredibly diverse and authentic gaming experience.

Leagues and Competitions Expected to Return

The following esteemed football organizations: the Premier League, UEFA, Serie A, La Liga, Major League Soccer, Ligue 1, the Bundesliga, CONMEBOL, and the English Football League were all established partners for the prior season, FC 24. It's anticipated that these alliances will continue into the forthcoming FC 25 season.

Predictions for FC 25 Inclusions

As anticipation builds for the official lineup of leagues and club competitions in FC 25, we can make educated guesses about what might be included by looking at past editions.

Please note: The following are speculative predictions and not confirmed information.

Country/Region Leagues Competitions
Argentina LPF N/A
Australia & New Zealand A-League N/A
Austria Admiral Bundesliga Osterreich-Pokal
Belgium 1A Pro League Croky Cup
China PR CSL N/A
Denmark 3F Superliga Sydbank Pokalen
England Premier League, Barclays Women's Super League, EFL Championship, EFL League One, EFL League Two FA Cup, Carabao Cup, FA Community Shield, BSM Trophy
Europe/South America N/A UEFA Champions League, UEFA Women's Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League, UEFA Super Cup, CONMEBOL Libertadores, CONMEBOL Suamericana, CONMEBOL Recopa
France Ligue 1 McDonald's, D1 Arkema, Ligue 2 Coupe Nationale, Trophee Champ.
Germany Bundesliga, Frauen-Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2, 3. Liga DFB-Pokal, Supercup

Potential New Additions and Departures

Several leagues across the globe did not feature cup tournaments in FC 24, sparking curiosity about potential introductions in the upcoming FC 25 season.

A host of leagues and competitions are poised to expand in FC 25, with an influx of at least 15 clubs ascending to a licensed tier due to promotion. On the flip side, 11 teams will sadly exit the game after facing relegation to divisions that lack an official license.

Stay Updated

Stay tuned to this space for the latest updates on FC 25 as we bring you new information as soon as it emerges. Be sure to check back regularly for the most recent details.

Community Feedback

We're eager to hear your thoughts on which leagues and competitions should be featured in FC 25. Share your preferences in the comment section below!

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