Honkai: Star Rail - Best Characters for Domains

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In the latest update of Honkai: Star Rail, a chart has been released showcasing the most frequently used characters in the pure fiction domain. Players face challenging levels and evolving enemy lineups, requiring constant adaptation of team compositions. Version 2.2 introduces the new fiv


In the latest update of Honkai: Star Rail , a chart has been released showcasing the most frequently used characters in the pure fiction domain. This domain, along with the memory of chaos, is known for its challenging levels, each more difficult than the last.

The pure fiction and memory of chaos domains alternate every two weeks, keeping players on their toes as the enemy lineup is constantly updated by Hoyoverse. This necessitates players to constantly adjust their team compositions to adapt to the evolving challenges.

Version 2.2 has brought in the second phase, introducing the new five-star cyborg, Boothill. Players have the opportunity to obtain Boothill by making a wish on the new limited banner, adding a new dimension to the gameplay experience.

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

Oneiric Shards in 'Honkai Star Rail' are a crucial resource for upgrading and enhancing the skills of Valkyries and Stigmata, significantly boosting the power and abilities of your characters. To obtain Oneiric Shards, players can engage in various game activities such as completing story missions, event rewards, and daily missions, or by competing in Abyss or Memorial Arena. For those looking to expedite their progress, Oneiric Shards can also be acquired through a Honkai Star Rail top up on game trading platforms, offering a straightforward method for players to secure these valuable upgrades with real currency.

Buy Oneiric Shard from LootBar

For players looking to buy Oneiric Shard in 'Honkai Star Rail', the LootBar game trading platform offers a robust and secure means to top up. As a global professional gaming transaction platform, LootBar provides a plethora of services that cater to the needs of gamers, with an emphasis on convenience and security.

When it comes to advantages, LootBar stands out with its 24*7 online customer service, ensuring that players can receive assistance whenever needed. The platform is not only user-friendly but also offers a variety of payment methods, accommodating gamers from different regions. Moreover, when topping up star rail, players can benefit from the competitive honkai star rail top up prices on LootBar, which includes discounts that occasionally reach up to 20%. This could lead to significant savings, especially for those looking to enhance their gameplay with Oneiric Shards.

How to Top Up Honkai Star Rail on LootBar

To begin the process of topping up Oneiric Shards on the LootBar trading platform, first navigate to the official LootBar website at https://lootbar.gg . Once there, select your preferred language and currency type before logging into your account. After logging in, locate the top-up column on the platform.

In the top-up column, you will need to choose the game for which you want to perform a Star Rail top up . Select 'Top Up > Honkai: Star Rail' to proceed. Next, you'll have to decide the quantity of Oneiric Shards or Express Supply Pass you wish to purchase. After making your choice, click on the "Top-up Now" button to move forward with the transaction.

You will then be asked to select your server and provide your Star Rail UID and Character Name. This information is crucial as it ensures that the Oneiric Shards are credited to the correct account and character. Once you've entered this information, click the 'Top-up' button to continue. The final step is to choose your preferred payment method from the options available and complete the payment. After the payment is processed, the Oneiric Shards or Express Supply Pass will be added to your account, and you can use them to upgrade your Valkyries and Stigmata in Honkai Star Rail.


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