Path to Glory: Get Christensen Free

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Unlock the 'Path to Glory' version of Andreas Christensen in FC 24 Ultimate Team by completing specific in-game challenges, and enhance your team with his impressive attributes and playstyles. Don't miss the chance to boost your ratings based on your national team's


FC 24 Ultimate Team has seen some exciting developments with the introduction of two fresh promotional events. Players can now find 'Greats of the Game' and 'Path to Glory' items within packs.

EA Sports has ramped up the excitement by unveiling a plethora of new challenges, including special promo-themed Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), Evolutions, and Objectives. This article focuses on guiding players on how to acquire the 'Path to Glory' version of Andreas Christensen at no cost.

A fresh batch of Objectives has been rolled out in FC 24 Ultimate Team, featuring a 'Path to Glory' card for Andreas Christensen. This release comes as a build-up to the highly anticipated Euro 2024 and Copa America tournaments.

Path to Glory Andreas Christensen Overview

Players who receive a Path to Glory card stand a chance to boost their ratings based on their national team's performance in ongoing tournaments. Successfully completing set Objectives could see Christensen's overall rating soar by up to +4 OVR.

The Path to Glory edition of Christensen's card is impressive, boasting a 93 overall rating. The card features remarkable attributes such as 90 Pace, 82 Passing, 83 Dribbling, 96 Defending, and 91 Physical.

Furthermore, this central defender (CB) is enhanced with three distinct PlayStyles+: Jockey, Bruiser, and Aerial, enriching his gameplay dynamics on the virtual pitch.

Objective 1: Defensive Consistency

To unlock the 80+ X2 Rare Gold Players Pack, players must ensure they do not let in more than one goal in each of four different matches. These matches can be played in Squad Battles at a minimum difficulty of Semi-Pro, or alternatively, in Rivals or Champions modes.

Objective 2: Danish Precision

To unlock the 81+ X2 Rare Gold Players Pack and earn 250 XP, players must achieve both a goal and an assist with a Danish player in two different Squad Battles matches, with a minimum difficulty setting of Semi-Pro, or alternatively, these objectives can be completed in Rivals or Champions matches.

Objective 3: Squad Battles Veteran

To unlock the FC 24 Path to Glory Andreas Christensen in-game item, players must complete a specific in-game challenge:

  • Participate in a total of six Squad Battles on at least Semi-Pro difficulty, though the challenge can also be tackled through Rivals or Champions gameplay modes.

Upon successful completion of this challenge, players will receive:

  • A pack containing two Rare Gold Players rated 81 or above.
  • An additional 250 XP to help progress their in-game profile.

Objective 4: LaLiga Dominance

To unlock the 75+ X5 Rare Gold Players Pack, players must achieve victory in 5 Squad Battles at a minimum difficulty of Semi-Pro, or alternatively, they can compete in Rivals or Champions. It's essential that at least 3 players from LaLiga EA SPORTS are included in the starting lineup for these matches.

Conclusion and Rewards

Upon accomplishing the set objectives, you'll have the opportunity to enhance your Ultimate Team with Path to Glory Andreas Christensen and a selection of packs at no cost!

Are you planning to tackle these objectives? Share your intentions in the comments section.

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