What is the Timeline and Processing Time for Export Obligation Discharge Certificate (EODC)?

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Learn the timeline and processing time for obtaining an Export Obligation Discharge Certificate (EODC). Our comprehensive guide covers key steps, document preparation, and tips to expedite the EODC application process, ensuring timely compliance and benefits under export promotion schemes.

An Export Obligation Discharge Certificate (EODC) is a critical document for exporters, serving as proof that they have fulfilled their export obligations under various export promotion schemes. Understanding the timeline and processing time for obtaining an EODC is essential for effective export management and to avoid potential penalties. This article will guide you through the timeline, required steps, and factors influencing the processing time for an EODC.

Understanding the EODC

Before diving into the timeline, it’s important to understand what an EODC is and its significance. An EODC is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) in India, certifying that the exporter has met the export obligations stipulated under schemes like the Advance Authorization Scheme, Duty-Free Import Authorization, and Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme.

Key Steps in the EODC Application Process

Pre-Application Preparation

Document Compilation:


  • Shipping Bills: Copies of all shipping bills related to the authorization.

  • Bank Realization Certificates (BRCs): Proof of export proceeds received.

  • Export Invoices: Detailed invoices of exported goods.

  • Authorization Details: Original or a certified copy of the export authorization.

Online Application Submission

DGFT Portal


  • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): Ensure your DSC is active and registered on the DGFT portal.

  • Fill Application Form: Accurately fill out the EODC application form online.

  • Upload Documents: Upload scanned copies of all required documents.

Physical Submission

Document Verification

Submit the original copies of documents, if required, for verification at the DGFT regional office.

Application Processing

  • Initial Scrutiny: The DGFT officials will scrutinize the submitted documents for accuracy and completeness.

  • Clarifications: If there are discrepancies or missing information, the DGFT may request further clarification or additional documents.

Issuance of EODC

  • Approval: Once the application is verified and approved, the EODC is issued.

  • Collection: The certificate can be collected from the DGFT office or downloaded from the DGFT portal.

Timeline for EODC Application

The timeline for obtaining an EODC can vary based on several factors:

Document Preparation

  • Time taken to compile and organize all necessary documents.

  • Pro Tip: Start this process well in advance to avoid last-minute rushes.

Submission and Scrutiny

  • Online Submission: Immediate once documents are ready.

  • Initial Scrutiny: Typically takes 1-2 weeks.

Clarifications and Additional Documents

  • Responding to requests for additional information can add another 1-2 weeks to the timeline.

  • Pro Tip: Ensure all documents are accurate and complete to minimize delays.

Final Approval and Issuance

After all clarifications are addressed, the final approval and issuance of the EODC can take another 1-2 weeks.

Overall Timeline

On average, the entire process from document preparation to receiving the EODC can take around 4-6 weeks, assuming there are no major discrepancies or delays.

Factors Influencing Processing Time

Accuracy of Documents

  • Accurate and complete documents can significantly speed up the processing time.

  • Pro Tip: Double-check all details and seek professional assistance if needed.

Volume of Applications

  • The number of applications being processed at the DGFT office can affect the timeline.

  • Pro Tip: Submit applications during periods of lower activity, if possible.

Regulatory Changes

  • Changes in export policies or regulations can introduce additional requirements or delays.

  • Pro Tip: Stay updated with the latest DGFT notifications and guidelines.

Regional Office Efficiency

  • Processing times can vary between different DGFT regional offices.

  • Pro Tip: If possible, choose a regional office known for efficient processing.

Tips to Expedite the EODC Process

Thorough Preparation

  • Compile and verify all documents before starting the application process.

  • Use Checklists: Ensure no document is missed.

Professional Assistance

Engage a customs broker or consultant to help with the application process.

Timely Follow-Up

Regularly check the status of your application on the DGFT portal and promptly respond to any queries.

Accurate Information

Ensure all details in the application form are correct to avoid delays due to discrepancies.


Obtaining an Export Obligation Discharge Certificate (EODC) is a meticulous process that requires careful preparation and attention to detail. Understanding the timeline and processing time helps in planning and managing your export activities effectively. By avoiding common pitfalls and following best practices, you can streamline the application process and secure your EODC in a timely manner, thereby ensuring compliance and availing benefits under various export promotion schemes.


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