Introduction and installation of Mobile gps tracker 5 year battery

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gps tracker 5 year battery

Now many owners have installed a variety of anti-theft equipment on their cars, and the gps tracker is better for anti-theft effect for 5 years battery installation location is not well understood, the current market locator volume has been far smaller than the previous similar products, generally only the size of cigarette box, if only install the basic positioning function, then there are many places to choose to install, if you need more anti-theft function, the installation of the location of the choice is very few and more troublesome, basically need wiring, then the owner We are faced with a choice, is to choose the anti-theft function is relatively complete, but it is easy to be found and removed by the person who stole the car, or choose to install it in a hidden place in the car, otherwise the person who stole the car knows and increases the time to find the locator, to prevent or recover the vehicle in time for valuable time.

Owners can choose according to the characteristics of these two types of products

No wiring can be installed in many places, and some products can also be adsorbed on the car body through magnets, such as: GPT09, which can be installed in unexpected places like the chassis, but because it's only on for 10 minutes a day, unless you lose the car, Otherwise, you do not need to start the emergency mode, but you need to pay attention to the location of the placement, you cannot take it for granted that the thief will not find it, try to place it in a place where the thief is not easy to find, the chassis and other places where the thief can be contacted, so it needs to be carefully considered when installed outside the car.

The need for wiring can generally be considered installed in the front center console panel, the rear windshield lower panel, the front door, the reflective area, the bumper.

Install and use the gps tracker battery for 5 years, If you want to do better, you can consider installing 2 or more locators in different locations, thieves often take it easy after removing one, and it takes quite time to complete all the dismantle. of course,GPS locator is required to pay a regular service fee (it is recommended to buy a lifetime platform at one time) and traffic charges such as (pro monthly 22M traffic), install multiple locators Will lead to the renewal of the amount of increase, the specific choice needs to be measured by the owner

gps tracker 5 year battery

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