What Approaches Are Available To Make Changes In Passengers' Names?

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Change or correct your names easily by understanding the name change clause of various airlines. The approach is mostly the same with any popular airline.

Name correction or change is necessary if you have made an error while inputting the passenger’s name. You do not need to buckle up with a hectic approach, as most airlines do follow a similar procedure to make changes in your or your co-passenger name. Continue to have a better understanding of the name change process of various airlines.

Guidelines Followed By Airlines In Changing Or Correcting Passenger Names

Passengers need to correct the error in their name to enjoy a more effortless journey. Most airlines allow name changes if you submit the reason and evidence. For corrections, you may need only to show your passport ID or birth certificate. In contrast, for the name change, the airline will ask you to share legally approved documents like- a divorce certificate or any government-approved letter. 

Lots Polish Airlines Name Change Policy

If you need to make changes to your name, you need to inform the airline at least 48 hours before departure. The Lots Polish Airlines Name Change Policy states that if the changes or corrections are made within 24 to 48 hours of departure, the changes are not guaranteed, and you may lose your booking value. 

JetBlue Name Change Policy

JetBlue offers one of the most flexible name change policies. Passengers with them can make changes to scheduled tickets before departure. The airline will charge name change fees, and passengers need to submit a name change form. You must adhere to the policy before requesting changes, as the airline may not entertain your request if you make a booking from any third-party sources. 

SAS Airlines Name Change Policy

No need to hassle around as the SAS Airlines Name Change Policy allows you to make name changes with your passport ID, birth certificate, or any government-approved documents. You need to convey your message and notify the airline as earliest as possible. Pay the applicable charges, and you are ready to fly with more confidence.

United Airlines Name Change Policy

Correct or change your name confidently. You do not need to make any changes or cancellations to your booking. Be attentive to the customer service team, and you can make changes to your flight schedule quite efficiently. For additional assistance, follow the United Airlines name change policy. 

Wrap Up

You can make changes on the go. Share all your booking credentials and supportive documents. Follow the instructions offered by the customer service team to complete the name change process.


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