Pre-Download Zenless Zone Zero NOW!

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This article brings you the news that you can pre-download Zenless Zone Zero now to save your time when it's finally released on July 4, 2024.

Created by the well-known HoYoverse, Zenless Zone Zero is scheduled for official release on July 4th, 2024, for multiple platforms. The game takes place in this future metropolis called New Eridu. As "Proxy", a professional guide who leads people on Hollows exploration quests, the player must assemble a formidable team to battle their adversaries. To enjoy the best audio-visual performance, we recommend playing Zenless Zone Zero on Mac with MuMuPlayer Pro!

For more guides, please review the link below:  How to play Zenless Zone Zero on Mac with MuMuPlayer Pro


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Set in a post-apocalyptic metropolis where everyone has to fight for their own life, the much awaited action role-playing game Zenless Zone Zero will finally be officially released worldwide this week on July 4th, 2024, at 10:00 AM (UTC+8). In previous articles we have seen its world, known the background story and some of the cute characters. You can scream right now cuz in 2 days Zenless Zone Zero version 1.0 "Welcome to New Eridu" will come alive!


Pre-Download Zenless Zone Zero NOW!


Now Zenless Zone is available for pre-download to save your time for downloading and freeing up your storage space. Just for your information, the Android version size of Zenless Zone Zero is about 17 GB. Check if you have enough space for exploring New Eridu on your mobile phone!


You can go to Zenless Zone Zero' s official website for more information and the pre-download link! Don't forget you have the chance to get up to 100 free pulls and 80 Boopons on release! And remember to follow them on social media platforms for more events and rewards!

Pre-Download Zenless Zone Zero NOW!


So far, the game has gathered 40 million pre-registrations and revealed its first music partnership with DJ Tiesto. During the global debut live stream, several details were given, including local release schedules around the world and numerous instructions, such as beginner guides to help players gain a head start in the game. Are you excited for this game?


Zenless Zone Zero is about to have their grand launch worldwide on July 4, 2024. Come and join the squad in New Eridu! And don't forget to use MuMuPlayer Pro on your Mac for a better audio-visual experience!




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