Zenless Zone Zero Launch Rewards - July 2024

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Starting a new gacha game like Zenless Zone Zero during its initial launch grants players access to generous rewards. Mastering the art of accumulating in-game currency in Hoyoverse's strategic game is key to enhancing team-building potential with exclusive characters like Ellen and

Starting a new gacha game during its initial launch is highly recommended to take advantage of the generous rewards offered by developers to engage players. Hoyoverse has mastered this strategy well, evident in the launch of Zenless Zone Zero version 1.0 on July 4, 2024.

Accumulating in-game currency is crucial, especially in games with gacha mechanics, as it enables players to acquire more tickets for character and weapon pulls. In Zenless Zone Zero 1.0, players can access two valuable damage dealers, Ellen and Zhu Yuan, through banners, enhancing their team-building potential.

Don't miss out on the exclusive launch rewards for Zenless Zone Zero that include:

  • 20 Master Tapes
  • 5 Boopons
  • 1 Corin

With nearly 50 million pre-registrations, the anticipation for Zenless Zone Zero is unprecedented. Hoyoverse acknowledges this enthusiasm by offering additional rewards to players through in-game mail once they unlock this feature by progressing through the prologue.Players who have achieved all pre-registration milestones will receive exclusive rewards. This includes a free agent named Corin, 20 pulls from the standard banner, and 5 pulls from the Bangboo banner.

From July 4 to August 13, 2024, players can claim a one-time welcome gift during the Cunning Generosity Event. By simply logging in, players can receive the following reward: - 10 Master Tape items.

Additionally, there will be a log-in event available from July 4 to August 13, 2024. By logging in for seven days during this period, players can claim: - 10 Encrypted Master Tape items. These tapes are essential for limited banners and hold great value for players.

For those seeking more rewards, a second log-in event will take place from July 11 to August 13, 2024. Players participating in this event can receive: - 10 Encrypted Master Tape items.

Furthermore, a third log-in event will be introduced from July 24 to August 13, 2024, offering players the following reward: - 10 Boopon items.

Zenless Zone Zero Monochrome Film: Usage and Acquisition

Zenless Zone Zero Monochrome Film is the premium in-game currency that allows players to purchase various items, including characters, W-Engines, and other resources, thus enhancing their overall gaming experience. One Monochrome Film can be exchanged for one Polychrome, which can be acquired through gameplay progression, events, and periodic rewards. To obtain Zenless Zone Zero Monochrome Film, players can top up via various game trading platforms. Using Monochrome Film to purchase bundles from the store offers players a significant advantage in the game.

Zenless Zone Zero Top Up on LootBar

If players want to top up Zenless Zone Zero Monochrome Film, they may want to consider the LootBar game trading platform. LootBar is a global professional and secure gaming transaction platform that offers services such as game top up and item trading. It provides players around the world with more professional, safe, and convenient services, supporting popular games like Honkai: Star Rail, Genshin Impact, Zenless Zone Zero, Wuthering Waves, Mobile Legends, and others.

What’s more, LootBar offers 24*7 online customer service and various payment methods, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience for all users. By choosing LootBar for your Zenless Zone Zero top up needs, you can enjoy a hassle-free process with the confidence that your transactions are handled securely and efficiently.

How to Top Up Zenless Zone Zero on LootBar

To top up Zenless Zone Zero on the LootBar platform, start by visiting the official website at https://lootbar.gg . Once there, choose your preferred language and currency type, and log in to your account. Navigate to the top-up column and select the game you want to top up, in this case, Zenless Zone Zero. Next, determine the amount of Monochrome Film you wish to purchase and click on "Top-up Now."

After selecting the amount, choose your preferred payment method and proceed with the payment. Once the payment is completed, you will be prompted to submit your top-up account information, including the login method, account details, password, and server. Finally, coordinate with the seller for the top-up and delivery process. Once everything is confirmed, you can check and receive the Monochrome Film in your Zenless Zone Zero game account.

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