Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 Release Date Announced – July 4, 2024

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Get ready for the highly anticipated release of Zenless Zone Zero 1.0, a urban fantasy action RPG by hoyoverse. Experience seamless gaming on PC, PS5, iOS, and Android with full cross-progression support.

The highly anticipated release of Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 is finally approaching, marking the end of a long wait for fans of hoyoverse’s urban fantasy action RPG.

Players across various platforms including PC, PS5, iOS, and Android will experience a simultaneous launch, showcasing the company's commitment to delivering a seamless gaming experience.

With full cross-progression support, gamers have the flexibility to switch between devices without losing their progress, highlighting hoyoverse's dedication to player convenience.

Mark your calendars for the official release date of Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 on July 4, 2024, at 10am (UTC+8), ensuring that players in the US can dive into the game on the evening of July 3.

For players in different time zones, here are the corresponding release times:- July 3, 2024, 7pm PT- July 3, 2024, 9pm CT- July 3, 2024, 10pm ET- July 4, 2024, 3am BST- July 4, 2024, 4am CEST

Prepare for an immersive gaming experience as Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 unveils a world of adventure and excitement for players worldwide.

Zenless Zone Zero Monochrome Film: Usage and Acquisition

Zenless Zone Zero Monochrome Film is the premium in-game currency in Zenless Zone Zero, which allows players to purchase various items, including characters, W-Engines, and other resources. This currency can be exchanged for Polychromes at a 1:1 ratio, further enhancing the gameplay experience by enabling players to buy bundles from the store. Players can obtain Zenless Zone Zero Monochrome Film through top-up options available on popular game trading platforms, ensuring they have access to premium content and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Zenless Zone Zero Top Up on LootBar

If players want to top up Zenless Zone Zero Monochrome Film, they may want to consider the LootBar game trading platform. As a global professional and secure gaming transaction platform, LootBar provides a variety of services including game top up and item trading. Players can enjoy a seamless experience with top-tier security, ensuring their transactions are safe and reliable. Additionally, LootBar supports a wide range of popular games such as Honkai: Star Rail, Genshin Impact, and Zenless Zone Zero, making it a versatile choice for avid gamers.

One of the standout benefits of using LootBar for Zenless Zone Zero top up is the 24/7 online customer service, which ensures that assistance is always available whenever needed. Moreover, the platform offers various payment methods, catering to the diverse preferences of players around the globe. These features make LootBar not only a convenient option but also a highly professional and trustworthy platform for enhancing your gaming experience in Zenless Zone Zero and other favorite games.

How to Top Up Zenless Zone Zero on LootBar

To top up Zenless Zone Zero on the LootBar trading platform, begin by navigating to the official LootBar website at https://lootbar.gg . Once there, select your preferred language and currency type, then log in to your account. In the top-up column, choose the game you wish to top up, which in this case is Zenless Zone Zero. Decide the amount of Monochrome Film you wish to purchase and click on "Top-up Now".

Next, select your preferred payment method and complete the payment process. After payment, you will be prompted to provide top-up account information, including your login method, account details, password, and server. You will then need to coordinate with the seller for the top-up and delivery. Finally, you can check and receive the in-game currency in your Zenless Zone Zero game account.

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