Zenless Zone Zero: Global Launch Details and New Content revealed by HoYoverse

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In this article you will have a comprehensive view of when Zenless Zone Zero will be out in different regions around the world. Also, you will get to know some new content about this game revealed by HoYoverse!

Introducing the highly awaited game "Zenless Zone Zero" from the renowned game production company Hoyoverse, known for successful titles such as "Honkai: Star Rail" and "Genshin Impact". Get ready for an intense futuristic action RPG experience like never before as "Zenless Zone Zero" prepares to premiere on July 4th, 2024. Prepare to go on this exhilarating adventure, as the game will be available for multiple platforms. To enjoy the best audio-visual performance, we recommend playing Zenless Zone Zero on Mac with MuMuPlayer Pro!

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Worldwide debut schedule


Hoyoverse recently unveiled exciting new details about their upcoming futuristic fantasy action RPG, "Zenless Zone Zero" during a live stream event. The game is set to make its global debut soon. And its pre-download is already available.


Stay tuned for more updates and special insights as the release date approaches. Zenless Zone Zero, set to launch on July 4 at 10:00 AM (UTC+8), is eagerly anticipated by gamers worldwide. Due to different time zone, you may have different periods of day for embracing this grand launch. Therefore, we prepare a list for you to check when you can get to play Zenless Zone Zero in your region(You can at least refer to it if your country or region is not on this list):

Zenless Zone Zero: Global Launch Details


New content


Dive into the bustling streets of Sixth Street and brace yourself for the ultimate thrill of navigating through the vast district known as Lumina Square.Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where every corner holds a mystery to unravel, from assisting Bangboo in their quests to uncovering hidden treasures in cargo trucks scattered throughout the city. With each step you take, Zenless Zone Zero promises to redefine exploration and keep you on the edge of your seat with unexpected surprises waiting to be discovered.

Zenless Zone Zero: New Content revealed by HoYoverse


This is Scott Outpost. Scott Outpost provides a strategic vantage point over the vast expanse of Hollow Zero, offering explorers an additional operational hub to confront formidable foes in both Hollow Zero and Shiyu Defense.


Meanwhile, a fresh lineup of playable agents are awaiting you. Along the story, you will unlock the captivating Chapter 2-interlude featuring the official debut of Officer Zhu Yuan and delve into Chapter 3 of the main storyline where the enigmatic members of Victoria Housekeeping unveil their hidden identities. What's more, you will also meet Lucy and Piper, from the Sons of Calydon, to be your helpful battle companion.

Zenless Zone Zero: New Content revealed by HoYoverse


In the latest update of version 1.0, players now have the ability to set their chosen Bangboo for Signal Search, increasing the chances of acquiring the S-Rank Bangboo they want. This feature allows for a more personalized combat experience, catering to individual playstyles. The enhancements introduced not only broaden the scope of the Zenless Zone Zero universe but also introduce a plethora of fresh characters and functionalities, immersing players in the futuristic fantasy realm of New Eridu like never before.


In summary, this article provides a detailed introduction to the upcoming futuristic fantasy action RPG, Zenless Zone Zero, from Hoyoverse. The global release of the game not only allows players to freely explore places like Sixth District, but also provides more challenging adventure activities at the Scott Outpost. In addition, the newly added random play second floor also provides players with a relaxed and personalized space. Zenless Zone Zero is about to have their grand launch worldwide on July 4, 2024. Come and join the squad in New Eridu! To experience the full charm of this game, we recommend you to play Zenless Zone Zero on mac with MuMuPlayer Pro!




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